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What does the WSDA do for you? - Dr. John Divis

What does the WSDA do for you? Is it a source of leadership for the dentist of Washington state? Does it ceate a standard that members must reach to be a member in good standing? Does it provide a vision of the future for the practice of dentistry in Washington state? Is it a place where important debate can take place with the freedom to speak about legitimate concerns or has it become something else?

-John R. Divis, DDS
Wenatchee, WA

Dr. Scott Williams’ Response:

I sympathize with Dr. Divis’ concern but not with the object of his concern. In the aftermath of the decision by WDS to reduce the fee schedules of the Premier and PPO panel dentists it is tempting to seek out “who could/should have prevented this?”. The staff at WSDA as well as our officers and board have no ability to profoundly affect the decisions of WDS or any other carrier. The sentiment that WSDA was somehow “asleep at the wheel” is misguided. WDS’ decision is one that will affect most of us practicing in Washington. Clearly, any criticism/concern about this situation should be directed at the authors of this decision. Mr. Dwyer and Dr. Inge have addressed the dental societies in Spokane and the Yakima Valley. I would suggest Dr. Divis and any other of our colleagues who are understandably disappointed with the WDS fee reduction contact WDS. If the members of their respective societies are similarly concerned seeking redress with WDS would seem to be more appropriate than criticizing WSDA.

One of the aspects that keeps Dentistry strong as a profession is a robust professional association; national, state and local. Departure from this can only, in my opinion, harm (possibly irreparably) the profession to which we are devoted.

-Scott A.D. Williams, DDS
Yakima, WA

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