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Washington State Dental Association

Welcome to the WSDA Blog!

We have been asked by our members to create a forum where they can access all info on the WDS fee reduction and share their experiences. The creation of this blog is subject to changes and discontinuation at any time. All submissions are reviewed. There is no assurance a submission will be posted.

Decline publication of submissions which:

1. Call for collective actions against an insurance company;
2. Advocate, campaign, or urge, dentists not to participate in any particular insurance program;
3. Fail to recognize individual choice and individual circumstances in decision making;
4. Disparages any particular insurance company, executive or director;
5. Uses profanity, hatred references, or other offensive speech, or is inconsistent with reasonable professional discussion;
6. Misstates the facts, or misrepresents any facts, or circumstances; or
7. Does not reasonably identify the author.

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