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You're in control with Verizon's new deal for WSDA members

WSDA and Verizon recently announced a new operating agreement that does away with the hassles of the past, and puts the decision making process back in your hands. No more hoops to jump through, just great service with a generous discount plan and some of the most talked-about phones in the industry.

By continuing to work with Verizon to craft a better program, Director of Membership and Communications, Kainoa Trotter was able to arrange for a more traditional contract partnership, once you’re properly enrolled in the program. “Initial enrollment has an extra step or two,” Trotter says, “But they’re simple to complete, and necessary to ensure that only WSDA members, their families and staff can take advantage of this great plan.” Once you’re enrolled, however, it’s business as usual. You’ll be able to change your plan, upgrade phones, and shop at any brick-and-mortar location, like any other customer.

Fifteen percent discount off talk and text

Trotter and Verizon rep. Jacob Linnes (Jacob.Linnes wanted to ensure that you had a good reason to stay with or join the program, so they made sure the program was a significant value. Plans include talk and text, talk only and data upgrades for smart phones, and still include great package rates with phones for people just joining the Verizon family.

Getting Started

It’s really simple. If you’re already a Verizon customer on the WSDA plan, all you need to do is convert your existing plan to a new one. Simply call 877-810-8988 to transfer liability from WSDA to you. Then go to /verizon. Step two directs you to a simple form to fill out which will verify your eligibility for the program. Once verified, you’ll receive an email link with directions about how to complete the process. 

What if I’m not enrolled?

You’ll fall into one of two groups — current Verizon customers not enrolled in the WSDA’s plan, or customers of other networks who want to switch to WSDA’s plan. Both couldn’t be easier to accomplish. Just fill out the form online (, wait for your verification email and follow the simple steps — you’ll see clearly marked links for WSDA members already enrolled with Verizon, and one for those new to the company.

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