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Fever Pitch — Passionate debate at the 2010 House of Delegates

    From the start, the 2010 House of Delegates had the potential to be fiery and passionate, with members falling on either side of the contentious mid-level provider issue — it seemed that no one was complacent about it. As expected, the debate was enthusiastic and fervent, as delegate after delegate approached the microphone to opine, question and review proposals,  it seemed that all ground might be lost in open debate.
    For the past 18 months, Immediate Past President Jim Ribary crossed the state, talking with every component group about the creation of a solution to the dental workforce issue, with studied consideration given to member’s opinions about the alternative — allowing the legislature to craft a bill which we could then oppose or accept, depending on its content.
    The proposal had many iterations, and Dr. Ribary and the Board were confident that by being flexible and responsive to members they could arrive at a consensus and have something to take to Olympia as an alternative. But at the same time, some members were crafting their own models, and the House was the venue for a review of all the options. In the end, members amended each resolution and opted to go into a holding pattern.
        In September, Rep. Eileen Cody’s staff drafted a bill for an advanced dental therapist that will be introduced in 2011. The bill will allow unsupervised practice for extractions, restorations, diagnosis and treatment planning. WSDA opposes it. 

Amended resolutions
    Following spirited, passionate debate HD-9, HD-11 and HD-13 were amended so that all might address aspects of the workforce and access to care issues:
    WSDA’s House of Delegates has established parameters for consideration of any new dental workforce proposals. Patient safety and quality of treatment require these standards and WSDA strongly opposes any mid-level dental provider legislation that does not include these restrictions.

    RESOLVED, that the Washington State Dental Association considers these parameters to be paramount when evaluating any dental workforce proposal:
The dentist is the sole oral health professional authorized to diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients;
Close on-site supervision is required by the dentist for any expanded function;
General supervision may be allowed for procedures that are authorized by statutes when approved by the dentist based on the dentist’s determination of competency;
Regulation of dental workforce will be the responsibility of the Dental Quality Assurance Commission.

The House approved two resolutions to assist access to care efforts:
    Directs the Board of Directors to “actively promote the existing Education Loan Repayment Plan for working in 501(c)(3) facilities to dental students, recent graduates, and state legislators”. The resolution also directs the WSDA to “educate the 2011 Washington legislative session about this option to utilize fully trained dentists to treat these medically complex dental cases in underserved areas”.
    Directs the WSDA to seek “legislation and regulations to require a one year postgraduate training in a program accredited or approved by the ADA or the Washington State Department of Education as a condition for licensure in Washington State”.
 It also states that “approved programs include General Practice Residency (GPR), Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD), Hospital Dentistry Residency (HDR) or a new Community based General Practice Residency for Access to Care (CGPRAC)” and that “the State allocate funds to support the CGPRAC throughout the State with positions in community, low income, FQHCs, University of Washington and other facilities that provide care to underserved populations”.
     The resolution was referred to the Board of Directors. At the direction of the House the Board appointed a task force on HD-13 at its September 17 meeting.




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