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Short and Sweet: Webinars are a convenient way to meet CDE requirements

A recent webinar held by WSDA was a big success, attracting some 34 participants to the lunch time learning session taught by Dr. Rhonda Savage. A year ago, WSDA might have gotten just one quarter of that number to participate, but people are beginning to see the benefits of fitting education into their lunch breaks. “The members I’ve talked to really like learning practice management tools without having to travel,” says Eleanor Pawley, WSDA’s Manager of Continuing Education and Speaker Services, “And, it’s a chance for them to preview instructors who will be at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference in June.” 

Pawley is quick to point out that the 1.5 hour credit-webinars aren't as extensive as the lectures being given at the PNDC, but they allow members a quick way to help fulfill their state CDE requirements without taking too much time out of their busy schedule. And, they have an opportunity to identify speakers they want to seek out at the conference on June 17 & 18 in Seattle.

 So just what is a webinar, anyway?

Webinars are live classes delivered via the internet, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Unlike video conferencing you can’t see the instructor, but there is a live audio feed, and interaction among participants is encouraged. Research among member dentists revealed that lunchtime was under-utilized, so Pawley began to put together a series aimed at optimizing that time, with successful result. “Early webinars had four or five participants, but it has grown in popularity as members find their schedules squeezed,” says Pawley. 

She found that another under-utilized time for many members was the early evening time slot, specifically 6 p.m. To that end, they offered an evening webinar in November. At press time, no attendance data was available, but if the time slot is successful, Pawley anticipates they’ll continue on in the future. And, getting your credit for the webinar is easy, too —  attendees simply download the CE at the termination of the webinar. Dentist and hygienist members of the WSDA can then log their CDE online at our secure site.

 Revisit any time for a year

And, if participants need to revisit any portion of the lecture, all webinars presented by WSDA are available as a recorded archive for a year from the date of presentation - all you need is a computer and an internet connection. 

 Group rates can save you more

While webinars operate on an honor system, WSDA recently began offering office rates so that your entire dental team can reap the benefits of lunchtime learning. For just $100, two or more team members are free to watch and accrue CDE. For non-members, the cost $150 for the entire office. 

 Get more information

To learn more about the WSDA webinar series, log in to our new website at where you’ll find a complete webinar schedule there, as well as the schedule for the PNDC.


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