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Yakima Herald Article Discusses Medicaid, Other Dental Issues

A recent article in the Yakima Herald discusses issues with Washington's Medicaid dental reimbursement rates, and features WSDA's proposition of expanding dental residencies as one solution.

"The state Dental Association also takes the position that it’s not a shortage of dentists causing the problem, but a lack of dentists who can afford to take on Medicaid and uninsured patients.

So for now, dental providers are looking for ways to do more with existing resources. Killpack and others are excited by the progress of a few dental residencies across the state, and hope they can be expanded.

Dental school graduates are not required to complete a residency the way medical school grads are, but residencies are a good way to gain experience and get dentists exposed to more rural, underserved areas, which makes them more likely to set up practice there in the future, proponents say.

And because the programs fall under graduate medical education, residents are paid for by federal dollars, which means they don’t cost the clinics anything, thereby subsidizing the care they provide."

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