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Writers Wanted for WSDA News

WSDA is actively looking for fresh voices to share the WSDA News’ editorial writing duties with Dr. Mary Jennings. While she is staying on as the editor of the WSDA News, Jennings will only write four of the editorials this year. Up to four other people are needed to write the remaining editorials. 

Additionally, with Dr. Jeff Parrish riding off into the sunset, we’ll be looking for an additional cadre of writers to fill that spot, which will be known as “First Person.”  

Those writing for the editorial slot will be asked to write about issues pertinent to organized dentistry today, with an emphasis on advocacy, membership, regulatory issues, and legislation affecting Washington dentists. That column will likely be more directed. In other words, we’ll give you an issue and ask you to write about it. 

Those writing for the new “First Person” column will be given greater latitude to write about broader issues with a more convivial perspective — anything from pop culture to politics, first person accounts and more will be fair game, as long as it falls within our editorial policy and guidelines (available on the Source). 

We’ll establish a publishing schedule for all guest writers, which should allow plenty of time for you to fit writing duties into your busy schedules. However, the editorial position may require some quick pivoting in the event of an emerging issue. Jennings may take some of those, or we may ask one of the new writers. We’ll ferret out the details more completely soon.

If you’re open to writing either the op-ed or the editorial, please let us know. The submission deadline is November 4!

We expect to continue the tradition of writing excellence in this publication, and will require everyone interested to provide two writing samples, each no more than 500 words. First, please send us an essay explaining why you want to write for the WSDA News and what topics related to dentistry interest you. Second, please send us a sample editorial you have written about any topic related to dentistry. Email your writing examples to Managing Editor Rob Bahnsen at by November 4.

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