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WOHF in Guatemala!

WOHF had the privilege of supporting Dr. Steve Albright and his team of 27 U.S. and Guatemalan volunteers while they traveled to the village of El Pamarcito! 

For five excitement-packed days, Dr. Steve and the ‘Dental Units’ (as dubbed by the community), served about 100 patients.  They gifted 500 hygiene kits donated by WOHF and provided dental instruction to the community.  Paula Cipolla shares, “In appreciation of treatment, several patients came back to share with us their modest cache of a watermelon, flower fruit, and bananas.”

If you are interested in providing oral health education in your community or abroad, please contact Launa at (206) 973-5234 or email her at

(Brushing 101 with Dr. Albright)

(Brushing 101 with Dr. Albright)

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