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Washington State Dental Association

WOHF's Rockstar Volunteers

Because of the hard work of our volunteers, the Foundation is able to make a terrific impact in communities across the state.  There are dentists taking on emergency appointments for children without insurance through our Adopt-a-School program.  Elderly patients who wouldn’t normally be able to afford care can book an appointment through the Outreach program.  Any low-income school or Boys & Girls Club in Washington State can receive oral health education and hygiene kits through our education programs.  

As we wrap another school year, we just want to say thank you to the folks who went out to schools or sent their staff into the community for events and science nights.  “These are not just names. They’re the reason we’re able to make the impact that we do,” says Education Programs Coordinator Launa Lea, “Early, preventative education is key when it comes to forming healthy habits, and our dentists are responding to these needs in their community on a grassroots level, and that has immeasurable potential.  We are so, so grateful for their participation. Rock on.”  

Dr. Alexis Apatoff
Dr. Brian Berg
Dr. Arti Bhan-Kachroo
Dr. Jamie Brooks
Dr. Barry Conger
Dr. Bo Davidson
EWU Dept. of Dental Hygiene
Dr. Lisa Ellingsen
Dr. Charles Fankhauser
Dr. John Fitzgerald
Dr. Ryan Fox
Dr. Clarence Freeman
Dr. Julie Fuller
Dr. Amir Ganji
Dr. Melanie Garcia
Dr. Caroline Herron
Dr. Chris Herzog
Dr. Sara Hill
Dr. Sue Hollinsworth
Dr. Amanda Jackson
Dr. Christine Johnson
Dr. Joshua Johnson
Dr. Travis Johnson
Dr. Jonathan Judd




Dr. Paymon Kamkar
Dr. Adam Kennedy
Dr. Steve Kern
Dr. Lina Kim
Dr. Jeff Lemon
Dr. Theresa Madden 
Dr. Jeff Malyon
Dr. Robert Perlot
Dr. Aishwarya Ramanan
Dr. Matt Richards
Dr. Scott Rowley
Dr. Benjamin Ruder
Dr. Michael Sacro
Dr. Nicole Serra
Dr. Brad Shern
Dr. Randy Stephens
Dr. Rosaleen Shavron
Dr. Ron Snyder
Dr. Kirsti Turella
Dr. Ashley Ulmer
Dr. Nick Velis
Dr. Charles Weber
Dr. Sue Weishaar   
Dr. Judson Werner
Dr. Suzie Winans


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