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WSDA Academy offerings this quarter

About the WSDA Academy:
The WSDA Academy offers complimentary CE classes for WSDA member dentists 0-10 years out of dental school or their graduate/specialty program. The WSDA Academy is focused on developing scholars who are distinctly prepared to succeed in every aspect of their professional lives by creating a community of young dentists committed to continued learning and the Academy ideals, "aliqua, virtus, amicitia" (education, excellence, friendship). Classes are limited to 20 attendees.

Better, Faster, Prettier Composites (with Hands-on Exercise)
Speaker: Dr. David Clark
 Saturday, August 29, 2015; 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
CE Credits: 4
Complimentary Lunch Provided
Great Wolf Lodge — Northwest Territory Salon C
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Course Description:
Dr. Clark will explore the exciting role of direct composites for single tooth and full arch esthetic reconstruction of anterior teeth.  Injection molding with a single shade of composite using the infinity edge margin provide an alternative to traditional fussy layering of composites.  Learn why shape is more important to patients than shade.  Elimination of the dreaded black triangle, restoratively driven papilla regeneration, and elimination of marginal staining will be explained in beautiful still and video imagery.  Practical step by step details will help the clinician to implement these changes on “Monday Morning."
More on this Composites course can be found on

Exodontia & other Oral Surgery Procedures for the General Practitioner
Speaker: Dr. Noah Letwin
September 9, 2015 6-9 p.m.
CE Credits: 3
Complimentary Dinner Provided
WSDA Office, Seattle

Course Description:
This lecture will review basic oral surgery techniques for the general dentist.
More info on this Exodontia course can be found on

Resorption, How Did This Happen and What Do I Do Now?
Speaker: Dr. Roy Kaldestad
September 23, 2015 6-9 p.m.
CE Credits: 3
Complimentary Dinner Provided
WSDA Office, Seattle (3rd floor board room)

Course Description:
Resorption is becoming more and more common and it can be difficult to diagnose. Many times it is not found until it has destroyed a significant amount of tooth structure. There are many different types of Resorption and the first step in deciding what type of treatment, if any, is needed is to know what type of resorption it is. With the advent of Cone Beam CT technology proper diagnoses is much more accurate. After listening to this lecture you will confidently diagnose what type of resorption is occurring and be able to recommend the best treatment for your patient.
More info on this Resorption course can be found on

Managing Your Financial Future
Speakers: The Dental Group, LLC
September 29, 2015 6-9 p.m.
CE Credits: Does not apply to annual requirement
Complimentary Dinner Provided
WSDA Office, Seattle (3rd floor board room)

Course Description:
Financial Planning, Debt Management, and How To Establish A Financial Foundation For Your Future.
More info on this Financial Management course can be found on

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