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Oppose the Senate Dental Medicaid Proviso

Grassroots Dentists: Your legislators need to hear from you now about an important issue. They are currently negotiating the state operating budget, and the House of Representatives and Senate have proposed competing budget provisos that would determine how dental Medicaid is administered in Washington. 
The Senate's proposal would require the state to contract out the dental Medicaid program to a carved-out managed dental care service provider by 2018. The Senate proviso would significantly reduce the number of dollars spent on patient care in the dental Medicaid budget while increasing the dollars spent on administrative expenses.
The House's proposal would require all options - fully integrated managed care, stand-alone dental managed care, or administrative services only - be studied through a "request for information" process before a decision regarding how to contract out is made.
Shifting the administration of the dental Medicaid program is a major undertaking with the potential to impact the oral health delivery of thousands of Washingtonians. Any decision regarding the future of Washington's dental Medicaid program needs to be a well-informed decision. That's why WSDA prefers the House budget proviso, which will gather additional information before any decision is made.
Please take a moment to write to your legislators and ask them to support the House proviso and oppose the Senate proviso. We have included a sample message, but you can still craft your own message before or after these points. If you receive questions from legislators and would like more information or help in responding to them, please let us know and we will be happy to help. 

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