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Legislative Update: 1/26/16

Yesterday the Senate Health Care Committee heard four bills related to dentistry: 

SB 6318: This bill prioritizes patient safety by ensuring that when a dentist contracts with an outside agency, the dentist retains both responsibility for and control over the delivery of care. The legislation mirrors existing federal and state laws that protect patients from business practices that lead to unnecessary treatment and/or substandard care, fraud and abuse. WSDA supports this legislation. 

SB 6275: This law would allow non-licensed individuals to influence or interfere with the professional judgement of a licensed dentist. WSDA opposes this legislation because it could threaten patient safety by allowing outside agents to influence patient care.

SB 5159 & 5465: These bills create or authorize midlevel providers. We have concerns about individuals with limited training doing surgical, irreversible procedures. We oppose these bills. 

Thank you to Dr. Amy Winston, Dr. Noah Letwin, Dr. Yonatan Ahdut, Dr. Cindy Pauley, Dr. Steve Geiermann from the ADA, Emily Studebaker, Carrie Tellefson, Brad Tower and Trent House for testifying on the different pieces of legislation that were considered. 

Watch a recording of the hearing here

This morning, the Committee heard SB 6404. This legislation would provide professional licensure to graduates at all accredited general dental residency programs in Washington in lieu of a regional board exam, helping to recruit the best candidates for Washington’s 54 dental residency spots. WSDA supports this legislation. Thank you to Dr. Amy Winston for making the trek to Olympia again to testify in favor of the bill. She was joined by Brad Tower.

Dental Action Day (DAD), held this Friday, January 29, is more important than ever! 

Online registration for DAD closes tomorrow, January 27, at noon. If you decide to attend after that point, you will need to register on-site. 

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