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Jim Dwyer Declines to Address Concerns

Washington dentists, in his August 25, 2017 communication to WDS members, Jim Dwyer appears to acknowledge that WDS may have amended its bylaws in 2013 as part of a larger corporate transaction that was approved by the WDS/Delta Dental of Washington Board of Directors. Yet, Mr. Dwyer declines to address our concern that any such amendment was apparently made without a vote of member dentists. Similarly, he declines to address our concern that any such amendment was apparently made without any notice to member dentists. We also find it suspicious that the version of WDS bylaws posted on the provider portal prior to Mr. Dwyer’s communication last week was from 2011, while the version on the provider portal this week is from 2013. Mr. Dwyer implies in his communication that the 2013 bylaws were available to the membership online all along when this clearly seems inaccurate. Mr. Dwyer declines to address these concerns while, at the same time, objecting to proposed bylaw amendments providing for increased involvement of member dentists and requiring greater transparency from WDS. We believe that Mr. Dwyer has demonstrated a clear pattern of ignoring legitimate concerns related to patient care and poor transparency.

Again, despite repeated communications from WDS member dentists to WDS requesting the opportunity for legal counsel on both sides to discuss potential antitrust concerns, WDS apparently refuses, providing only a personal opinion letter from Mr. Robert McKenna, whom we presume is part of WDS’s lobbying team. We are disappointed by WDS’s apparent refusal to directly discuss its antitrust concerns. We continue to believe that these vague threats are simply a scare tactic intended to intimidate.

We will continue to urge WDS to discuss its antitrust and other concerns directly with our legal counsel and work to address any issues.

In the meantime, it is vitally important that you attend the special meetings next Wednesday, September 6 at 2 p.m. (please arrive no later 1 p.m. for voting registration) at the Lynnwood Convention Center to vote in SUPPORT of the proposed bylaw amendments. If you cannot attend, make sure to appoint another dentist who will attend to serve as your proxy. Please get your signed proxy form to your appointed dentist immediately. 

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WDS Members on the WSDA Board of Directors

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Dr. Marissa N. Bender
Dr. Dennis L. Bradshaw
Dr. Christopher R. Delecki
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Dr. Christine L. Kirchner
Dr. Eric J. Kvinsland
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