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Is It Time For An Insurance Review?

As your practice grows, your earnings increase or your family gains new members, your insurance needs to increase as well. Many dentists forget to keep their insurance coverage in step with their life and business changes, which can leave them in a difficult financial situation if an accident occurs. Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency recommends that all dentists review their insurance coverage at least once each year to determine if what they currently have meets their present and future needs.

We will cover the following in your annual review: 

• Have you added to your family?
• Are you purchasing or selling a practice? 
• Was there any change in your marital status or dependents during the year (children, parents or other relatives)?
• Should you update your will?
• Have you inherited considerable funds or gifts?
• Do you feel you have adequate Life Insurance for your practice and family?
• Do you feel you have adequate Personal Disability Insurance to replace your earnings due to sickness or accident?
• Do you feel you have adequate Long Term Care Insurance for yourself, your parents or other family members?

If you would like to review your current insurance needs, please contact the Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency at (800) 282-9342 or 

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