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Washington State Dental Association

House of Delegates: Committee and ADA Delegate positions

Last week, we introduced you to the candidates for the Board of Directors. This week, we're providing the candidate statements for open Committee and ADA delegate positions. They appear here alphabetically.


Committee on Budget and Finance

Dr. Patty Martin

Current Positions
Walla Walla Valley Dental. Society President Elect, ‘14 - ‘16
Providence St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, February ‘15 - present
WSDA Leadership Institute Member ‘15

Former Positions
UW Regional Initiatives in Dental Education (RIDE) President, ‘08 - ‘12
UW Operative Dentistry Teaching Assistant and Dental Anatomy Tutor. ‘10 - ‘12

Professional Affiliations
ADA, WSDA. Walla Walla Valley Dental Society, ‘08 - present
Academy of General Dentistry, ‘08 - present

Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Washington, ‘12
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, Washington State University, ‘05
Minor in Molecular Bioscience
Bachelor of the Arts, Spanish, Washington State University, ‘05
Minor in Business Administration

Rotary Club of Walla Walla, ‘13 - present
American Academy of University Women,‘12- present
Junior Club of Walla Walla, ‘14 - present
Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, ‘05 - present

Candidate Statement
    Thank you for your consideration as a nominee for the WSDA Budget and Finance Committee. As a current participant in the WSDA Leadership Institute, I began the year motivated to learn what exactly goes on at the WSDA. I have met so many enthusiastic, like-minded people volunteering their services for the betterment of our profession that I want to take the next step and get more involved myself.
 Our Association is strong because of our members, our leadership, our unity, our history, and our reputation. As a potential member of the Committee on Budget and Finance, I would help to ensure that our organization continues to have the financial stability needed to continue to support our growth and success as an organization. Like many dentists, I enjoy the details and digging into the numbers. I feel confident that I can be an asset to the committee and help us uphold our fiduciary responsibility into the foreseeable future. In addition, as a recent graduate, a member of the first RIDE cohort, working in private practice in eastern Washington, and accepting Medicaid I feel I can bring a unique viewpoint to the table to diversify the group.

Committee on Government Affairs

Dr. Ronald Marsh

Current Positions
Benton-Franklin Counties Dental Society, WSDA Delegate - 10 years
Central Washington Cleft Palate Team, Team OMFS Surgeon, 18 years
Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Staff Surgeon, 22 years
Trios Health Care, Staff Surgeon, 22 years

Former Positions
Columbia Basin College, Associate Professor in Dental Hygiene, 10 years
Benton-Franklin Counties Dental Society, President, - 1 year
Columbia Basin Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Senior Partner, 22 years
Benton-Franklin Counties Dental Society, Vice President - 1 year
Benton-Franklin Counties Dental Society, Secretary - 1 year

Professional Affiliations
Washington State Dental Association
Benton Franklin County Dental Association
American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (Board Certified)
American Cleft Palate Association
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology (Board Certified)

Bachelor of Science, Washington State University, ‘79
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Loyola University Dental School, ‘88
Certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Kentucky, ‘92
Graduate, United States Army Armor School  Advanced Course, ‘83
Certification Advanced Cardiac Life Support, American Heart Association, ‘13

American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Diplomate, 17 years
United States Army, Combat Arms Officer, 5 years
United States Army Reserve, Combat Arms Officer, 15 years
USA HOCKEY, Certified Assistant Coach, 9 years
Boy Scouts of America, Assistant Scoutmaster, 10 years

Candidate Statement
    It is a great honor to be allowed to run for a position on the WSDA Committee for Government Affairs. I have a determined desire to keep a strong position for dentistry in our state. My past experiences in organized dentistry have given me the will to work hard and not compromise on our basic principles of excellent patient care. As a practicing dentist in this state for over 20 years and as a leader of a large group practice, I have the experience to anchor your core principles of patient care and stand for what is best for our honored profession.

    As an educator at the college level, I have seen the challenges dental education faces and use that experience to strengthen our position in Olympia. With the adversarial environment and the political pressure we are forced to face on a continual basis, I actually look forward to presenting our common sense alternatives to the annual legislative battles we fight.
   I can only promise you that I will put forward the same determined effort in being a member of this committee that I gave our country as a member of our armed forces in duty overseas. I humbly ask for your support and vote. In any case, it is an honor just to be part of the WSDA House of Delegates, each member who I respect for their selfless devotion to our profession.

Dr. Heather R. Ronngren

Current Positions
Columbia Valley Community Health, Dentist, ‘09 - present
University of Washington RIDE Program, Affiliated Faculty, ‘13 - present
Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, Adjunct Faculty, ‘13 - present
Eastern Washington University, Department of Health & Sciences, Dental Hygiene Endowment Lead, ‘13 - present
Northwest Dental Residency Program, Associated Faculty, ‘14 - present

Former Positions
North Central Washington District Dental Society, Secretary/Treasurer/Vice President/President, ‘11 - ‘14
WSDA House of Delegates, North Central District Dental Society Delegate, ‘11 - ‘13
Midwestern University College of Dentistry, Admissions Committee, ‘07 - ‘08
Mesa Community College, Department of Dental Hygiene, Adjunct Faculty, ‘05 - ‘07
Arizona Department of Health Services, Office of Oral Health, Robert Wood Johnson Oral Health Access Grant Coordinator, ‘05 - ‘06 

Professional Affiliations
American Dental Association
American Dental Education Association
North Central District Dental Society
Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Beta Alpha Chapter Dental Honor Society    
Washington State Dental Association

BS, ‘98 Dental Hygiene Department, Eastern Washington University
DMD, ‘07 Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health Certification, 
‘07 Public Health, University North Carolina

American Association for Community Dental Programs Member, ‘09
Celebration Lutheran, Service Group and Sunday School Teacher, ‘13
Corporate Dentistry, Associate Dentist, ‘07 - ‘08
Eastern Washington University, Department of Dental Hygiene, Clinical Instructor, ‘00 -‘03
Dental Hygienist, ‘98 - ‘07

Candidate Statement
    I am running for a position on the Committee on Government Affairs knowing that organized dentistry is an essential part of maintaining our professional integrity, standards for care and the future of dental education. My dedication and attention to detail with the ability to see a comprehensive picture will allow me to be a valuable voice for Washington State Dental Association. It’s important to me that our members are represented with integrity and respectful communication that result not only in short-term benefits but with the projection of long-term results.

    During my career I have actively participated in a variety of leadership roles locally and state wide. In the North Central District Dental Society I served as a delegate in addition to holding positions as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President and President. Most recently I completed WSDA’s Leadership Institute, where I was grateful to learn the various facets of the Washington State Dental Association and the profound impact leadership roles have in upholding our profession. My experiences as a hygienist and dentist in private, corporate and public healthcare settings, as well as, an educator for a dental residency program, four dental institutes and an out of state health department will bring a diverse viewpoint to the Committee. I also strive to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life encouraging an authentic awareness.
 If elected, I will be a genuine voice of reason with a collaborate spirit that upholds our profession and its future path. I appreciate your consideration as I pursue this position and the opportunity to make a positive difference.

Delegate to the ADA

Dr. Ronald Dahl

Current Positions
WSDA Board of Directors, ‘12 - present
Mt. Baker District Dental Society Executive Committee, ‘07 - present
Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom Co. Foundation BOD Secretary/Treasurer, ‘12 - present
UWSOD Affiliate Clinical Professor, ‘02 - present
ADA House of Delegates, Alternate Delegate ‘15

Former Positions
WSDA Committee on Government Affairs, ‘10 - ‘12
Mt. Baker District Dental Society, President ‘08 - ‘09
WSDA Committee on Strategic Planning, Chair ‘93 - 94
Associated Ferrier Study Clubs, President ‘07 - ‘08
ADA House of Delegates, Delegate ‘14 

Professional Affiliations
ADA/WSDA/MBDDS, ‘83 - present
American College of Dentists, ‘97 - present
Pierre Fauchard Academy, ‘12 - present
International College of Dentists, ‘13 - present
International Academy of Gnathology, ‘01 - present

BS, University of Washington, ‘79

Robert L. Bruna Dental Seminar (clinical study club) ‘88 - present
Academy of R V Tucker Study Clubs, ‘07 -‘ 13
Vancouver Ferrier Study Club, ‘95 - ‘13
Boys & Girls Club of Ferndale BOD, ‘90 - present 

Candidate Statement
    Last year I had the privilege to represent you as a delegate to the ADA House of Delegates in San Antonio. It was a very enlightening experience. Picture the WSDA HOD on steroids, resolution after resolution and a steady stream of individuals taking turns at the microphones in spirited debate. Our own 11th District (WA, OR, ID, AK, MT) proposed a resolution designed to make the ADA more responsive to the challenges facing dentistry. It was turned down. But we’ve just begun. As a delegate, I will build upon our relationships with our colleagues in organized dentistry and continue to promote the leadership role that WSDA plays in striving to make our Tripartite (i.e. “Power of Three”) system run more smoothly, with less duplication of benefits and services between the ADA and the WSDA, while concurrently maximizing the synergy between the two organizations. This is neither an easy nor a quick process, but a necessary one if we are to remain a viable organization into the future. Together we can make positive changes for the good of all dentists and their patients. I respectfully ask for your support, so that I may continue to represent WSDA as a delegate to the ADA House of Delegates.

Dr. Christopher Delecki

Current positions
SKCDS Access Committee, ‘03 to present
Seattle Central Community College Hygiene Advisory Committee ‘06 to present
WSDA Board of Directors ‘12 to ‘15

Former Positions
WSDA Budget & Finance ‘06 to ‘09 (Chair ‘09)
SKCDS President ‘08 to ‘09
ADA House of Delegates, as USPHS member ‘96 and ‘97
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA House, ‘05 to ‘12

DDS, University of Michigan ‘77
MBA, City University Bellevue ‘84
MPH, University of Michigan ‘92

National Oral Health Consultant Native American Head Start ‘08-‘10
Have been a member of several conferences or have served on numerous ad-hoc committees relating to oral health issues in Washington State the past 15 years

Candidate Statement
In 1996, I was elected as the first ever, at-large USPHS Delegate to the ADA House.  I served in that role for two years.  With this background in mind, I am confident that I will be a valued and contributing member of the ADA House of Delegates.

My educational and professional experiences make me an exceptional candidate who will bring an outstanding skill set to the ADA House.  As a practicing dentist, with significant proficiencies in community and public health dentistry, I can provide a Aunique perspective on many of the issues dentistry faces today and in the future.  I have also been involved in dental education at all levels of dental team development.  These two areas of expertise position me well in representing WSDA members at the national level as a member of the ADA House of Delegates.

Dr. David M. Minahan

Current Positions 
WSDA Immediate Past President – ‘14 - ‘15    
ADA Council on Government Affairs -‘15- ‘18
ADA Delegate -‘13 - ‘15
UW SOD Dean‘s Club Board – WSDA Representative – ‘96 - present
UW SOD Alumni Association Board- Fundraising Chair – ‘88 - present

Former Positions
WSDA President – 13 -‘ 14
ADA Alternate Delegate –‘98 - 99, ‘02 - 03, ‘07, ‘11 - 12
WSDA Board of Directors – ‘06 - ‘12
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA HOD – ‘04 - ‘10
UW SOD Dean‘s Club President – ‘06 - ‘07
Professional Affiliations
ADA, WSDA, SKCDS – ‘75 - present
Pierre Fauchard Academy – ‘91 - present
American College of Dentists -‘06 - present
International College of Dentists – ‘00 - present
ADPAC Capital Club – ‘12 -‘15 

BA, Chemistry, University of Washington, ‘71
DDS, University of Washington, ‘75

Inglewood Golf Club President ‘94 - 95
Northshore Kiwanis President ‘81 - ‘82. Dental Care Program ‘76 - 89
WSDA President‘s Award ‘01
WSDA /Dental Student Mentor ‘05- present
Physicians and Dentists Credit Bureau Board – ‘06-‘12

Candidate statement
    ADA Leadership is proposing a change to better align strategic policy to member needs. Its “Members First in 2020” campaign seeks to remove barriers to membership growth. My background as both an alternate and current delegate has provided me increased networking opportunities across the nation. I firmly believe that the ADA Tripartite should be the “Voice of Dentistry,” yet with the challenges of a dwindling market share of membership, we run the risk of losing our influence.
   Advocacy is often cited as the major benefit of membership in our organization. With my recent appointment to the ADA Council on Government Affairs, it has become very apparent that we must have a say in determining legal and regulatory controls on a myriad of issues facing our profession on the national level. Alterations to the Affordable Care Act, the influence on young practitioners by large group practices, making federal Medicaid audits fair and reasonable, the implications of participating as a Medicare Part D prescriber, and dealing with staggering student debt levels are a few key examples that require scrutiny.
   I was proud to serve on a task force that has engendered improved communication and participation within the governance structure of our 11th District Caucus. While coping with the frustrations of an often slow moving ADA House of Delegates, Washington State and our 11th District neighbors continue to strive to make the ADA more relevant to its membership.

    I ask for your support in allowing me to advocate for you. Thank you! 

Dr. Randall (Randy) Ogata

Current Positions 
WSDA Delegate to ADA House
ADA SUCCESS Seminar Speaker
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA House
SKCDS Membership Committee
SKCDS Ambassador

Former Positions
ADA Council on Membership ‘10 - ‘14
WSDA Speaker of the House ‘08 - ‘10
AAO Committee on Membership, Ethics & Judicial Concerns ‘08 -‘ 10
WSDA Budget & Finance Committee ‘04 - ‘07, Chair ‘07
ADA Committee on the New Dentist, ‘98 -‘ 02, Chair ‘01 (now New Dentist Committee)
Professional Affiliations
American Dental Association (ADA)
Washington State Dental Association (WSDA)
Seattle-King County Dental Society (SKCDS)
American Student Dental Association (ASDA)
American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)

BS Zoology, University of Washington
DDS, University of Nebraska Medical Center – College of Dentistry
AEGD, University of Nebraska Medical Center – College of Dentistry
Certificate Orthodontics, University of Oklahoma – Health Science Center
MS Dental Materials, University of Oklahoma – Health Science Center

Instructor - University of Washington, School of Dentistry – Dental Ethics
American College of Dentists
International College of Dentists
Pierre Fauchard Academy
Chief Seattle Council of Boy Scouts of America

Candidate Statement
    Members Matter Most – everything organized dentistry does at the component, state and national level should focus on being in the best interest of the members we serve; or have the goal of helping our members succeed both professionally and personally.

    Declining membership market share is the elephant standing before us – organized dentistry is not remaining relevant to the majority of the students in dental schools and recent graduates. The way in which organized dentistry chooses to communicate and message with these Millennials will shape the future of our dental profession. If we do not become relevant to the next generation of dentists, we will witness the erosion of our dental profession into a dental trade.
 The experiences and relationships formed while serving in past organized dentistry positions gives me a unique perspective both locally, statewide and nationally. I look forward to sharing my experiences to help bridge the gap between the Baby Boomers currently in leadership and mentoring the Millennial leaders just embarking on their journey into organized dentistry. 
   I would appreciate your consideration and vote for the WSDA Board and if not, as one of your ADA Delegates.

Dr. Mark V. Walker

Current Positions 
UW School of Dentistry Dean‘s Club, Board Member, ‘12 - present
Medical Relief International Volunteer, ‘08 - present
Medical Team International Volunteer, ‘07 - present

Former Positions
Seattle-King County Dental Society, President ‘94 - ‘95
Seattle-King County Dental Society Foundation,President ‘95 - ‘96
Washington State Dental Association, President ‘03 - ‘04
Washington Oral Health Foundation, President ‘00 - ‘02
American Dental Association Council on Governmental Affairs, Chair ‘09 - ‘10 

Professional Affiliations
UW School of Dentistry Alumni Association,‘82 - present
Academy of General Dentistry ‘00 - present
Pierre Fauchard Academy, ‘99 - present
International College of Dentists, ‘00 - present
American College of Dentists, ‘08 - present

BA, Chemistry, University of Washington, ‘77
DDS, University of Washington, ‘81

AAU High School Basketball Coach, ‘98 - ‘02
Kent Rotary Board of Directors, ‘90 -‘92
Grace Lutheran Church, ‘06 - present

Candidate Statement
    I am interested in serving as an ADA Delegate because I want to have an active role in the profession of dentistry. The WSDA is an important organization to the dentists of this state and our country because of the success and influence it has had in working with regulatory and legislative bodies, as well as other diverse groups that impact the way dentistry is practiced. The strength of an organization depends on the involvement of its members and the intelligence and vision of its leaders. I would like to be a part of that leadership by representing the WSDA at the ADA House of Delegates.
 I have served organized dentistry in many ways over the years; as a committee member, council member, board member, and you have trusted me with some leadership positions where one can really make a huge difference. I want to thank you for those past opportunities, but this time I come to you simply as an active member, someone who wants to participate in the dialog with other active members and help shape the policies that will guide us into the future. The ADA House of Delegates is a large, diverse, and eclectic group of people with many regional differences in practice style, but at the national level it is the only vehicle we have to change and improve of our profession. I would appreciate your vote and if elected I will do my best to represent you and the best interests of our great profession.

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