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Washington State Dental Association

House of Delegates Addresses Opioid Abuse

WSDA dentists recognize that opioid abuse is a serious problem and a real concern for their patients. That's why last weekend, WSDA's House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed a resolution addressing the role of dentists in reducing opioid abuse in Washington state. 

The resolution encourages dentists to do the following:

  • Use the state's prescription drug monitoring program to check for abuse with all patients who request pain medication
  • Complete American Dental Association-sponsored continuing education courses regarding opioid abuse
  • Advise colleagues of prescriptions they have written when they refer patients
  • Prescribe the fewest number of opioid tablets possible
  • Educate patients on where to safely store and/or dispose of leftover tablets

The House of Delegates also asked WSDA to provide continuing education courses at the state level and publish educational articles in dental publications regarding opioid abuse. The desire of WSDA members to take proactive steps to curb opioid abuse in our state was heard loud and clear, and much of the work to achieve these goals is currently underway.


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