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Washington State Dental Association

HCA Provider Notice 12/15/16

The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) has issued the following notice to HCA providers clarifying its survey regarding prior authorization requests and the NEA system:

After receiving feedback from the previous survey request, we realized there may have been some confusion about the purpose of the survey. We were not asking about electronic billing or claims but instead asking about prior authorization requests. We sincerely apologize for this confusion.

The Health Care Authority is exploring solutions for dental practices to send secure x-rays, photos and additional documentation for prior authorization request to the HCA at a cost to the provider. Specifically, we are considering requiring dental providers, who send in large quantities of prior authorization request, to use the NEA system.

Feedback from Apple Health dental providers will be taken into consideration on our decision for any system changes. Our goal is to help providers increase efficiency and decrease costs, we want to avoid any changes that are onerous or cost-prohibitive for providers.

By migrating, away from mailing in x-rays and photos for prior authorization request, to a secure, electronic, cloud-based solution:

  • The application would enable transmission and retrieval of electronic prior authorization request, supporting documentation, x-rays and photos in minutes or hours versus days through the U.S. mail system. 
  • The cost for this service is estimated to be $32-$34 per month.
  • Please click on the attached link to read more on the NEA system.

See NEA website regarding claims attachments here.

Your responses to HCA’s survey questions will assist in our decision-making. Please click here and answer the 3 questions by COB on 1/3/17. 

Thank you for your assistance in making the dental program more responsive to your prior authorization request.

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