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Grape Expectations: WOHF successful at PNDC

    You have to hand it to the Washington Oral Health Foundation people, they know how sell out an event: make sure there’s plenty of wine on hand — not that anybody is drinking it. They’re all buying it at the Foundation’s annual Wall of Wine sale at the PNDC. “People often buy five bottles at a time.” says Ruth Abate, the Foundation’s Director of Operations and Community Outreach. “They know it’s for a good cause and we always put in some really good bottles, so everyone has a chance to win something really special. This year, among the yummy syrahs and chardonnays was a prized bottle worth nearly $70 — not a bad exchange for a $20 on your way in or out of the exhibit hall!

More than just the fruit of the vine
    This year, along with the bottles of wine (some donated, others purchased expressly for the event), the Foundation held a small silent auction of some most unusual items — 12 or so pieces from a collection of nearly 80 donated dental-related sculptures. “They were donated by Dr. Moritis, who had collected them and showcased them in his practice. When he sold the practice he didn’t know what to do with them, but was sure that he didn’t want to just throw them away, and wondered if they would be of any value to the Foundation,” said Abate. “He approached us and asked if we’d like to have them to auction off — and they proved to be very popular.”

Face time
    The Foundation has held the event for six years, always selling out the bottles on hand. And while the added money is always helpful,  it lets Foundation Board members (who often staff the booth) have a few minutes of face time  with people who might want to volunteer for WOHF.

Up next    
    The wine theme continues at the 2015 House of Delegates, where the Foundation will auction off a sumptuous selection of wines for delegates and their spouses. And while you may not be able to attend, you’re more than welcome to assign a delegate to serve as a proxy for you and bid on the collection!

Without you, we’re nothing:

   We would like to thank each and every one of you who donated your time and energy (and fabulous wine and other goodies!) to the Foundation at the PNDC This year. Because of you, the Washington Oral Health Foundation Silent Auction and Wall of Wine grossed approximately $5,067 at the PNDC.  Special Thanks to our 2015 Silent Auction, Connoisseur’s Collection, and Wall of Wine Donors, and all of our volunteers!

PNDC Connoisseur’s Collection Donors 
Dr. D. Michael Buehler
Mr. Steve Hardymon
Dr. Bruce Kinney
Dr. Lorin Peterson
Dr. Perry Tuneberg
Dr. Rodney Wentworth

House of Delegates Connoisseur’s Collection Donors
Dr. Victor Barry
Dr. Joel Berg 
Dr. Stephen Carstensen
Dr. David Petersen
Dr. Steve Waite
Dr. Douglas Walsh 
Dr. Timothy Wandell

Wall of Wine Donors
Dr. Darlene Chan
Dr. Chris Dorow
Mr. Kristopher Kerns
WDIA (Washington Dentists’ Insurance Agency)

Silent Auction Donors
Dr. Alan Moritis
Dr. Paul Robertson

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