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Drs. McGraw and Shapiro Honored

Two remarkable WSDA members who have been previously honored at the University of Washington School of Dentistry (UWSoD) annual Dean’s Club dinner received further honors at this year’s dinner on April 30. WSDA past president Dr. Jim McGraw was awarded the Honorary Lifetime Member Award, which recognizes outstanding service to the UWSoD, while member Dr. Peter Shapiro received the Distinguished Alumnus Award, which honors a distinguished career in dentistry.

Dr. James C. McGraw, Endodontics ’69 · 2016 Honorary Lifetime Member Award

In any discussion of service to the UWSoD, Dr. McGraw’s name comes to the fore. His 24 years as a Department of Endodontics faculty member and stature as a key figure in the department’s formative years are just the tip of the iceberg. Dr. McGraw is one of the longest-serving members of the UWSoD’s Admissions Committee, with nearly 20 years of helping shape the student body. He has also served on the Endodontics and International DDS Admissions Committees, as well as the Ethics and Professionalism Committee.

“Jim McGraw has always seemed bigger than life to me,” says Dr. Patrick Taylor (’88 Endo), Dean’s Club President. “In my residency, he was an affiliate faculty instructor in the clinic, but also the president of WSDA where he was trying to mitigate an ‘AIDS linked to dentistry’ issue.  His ability to deal with the press, the legislature and dental colleagues was impressive.  He encouraged us to step up and stay active in the profession and in the school.”

Dr. McGraw, a charter member of the Dean’s Club, has compiled a brilliant career in dentistry that earned him the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Award from the UW’s Dental Alumni Association. He is a past president of the Washington State Dental Association, American Association of Endodontists and the Seattle King County Dental Society, and was also first vice president of the American Dental Association. He was also a founding member of the Washington State Association of Endodontists.

Dr. Peter A. Shapiro, Orthodontics ’73 · 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award

For decades, the UW’s Department of Orthodontics has benefited from the leadership of a series of truly outstanding dentists, and Dr. Shapiro belongs firmly in that company. Now Clinical Professor Emeritus in Orthodontics, he chaired the department from 1984 to 1995, having joined the faculty in 1973. Through worldwide lectures with the late Dr. Vincent G. Kokich (’71, Ortho ’74), he helped exert a profound influence on his profession and establish his department as a clinical and research center of the highest magnitude.

Dr. Shapiro is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and has published several book chapters and more than three dozen journal articles, and has given nearly 100 presentations. His professional affiliations include the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, Washington State Dental Association, Seattle King County Dental Society, Angle Society and the Seattle Crown and Bridge Study Club.

Dr. Shapiro led the department when Dr. Greg Huang (Ortho ’89), current Chair of Orthodontics, was a graduate student. Dr. Huang says, “Although the term ‘evidence-based dentistry’ had not yet been coined, Peter was already practicing this approach to orthodontics. He evaluated the scientific information objectively and thoroughly, weighed his own clinical experiences, and always considered a patient’s unique condition and personal preferences when providing treatment options. While this may seem rather simple, it is an extremely uncommon skill to be able to put aside our personal treatment biases in order to provide honest, thoughtful, and individualized treatment recommendations to our patients. By example, Peter has relayed this approach to care to more than 150 orthodontic graduate students who are eternally grateful.”

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