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DQAC Update: 11/3/16

On Friday, October 28th, the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) held a public meeting to discuss ongoing business. The Commission held a rules hearing for proposed amendments to WAC 246-817-550 & WAC 246-817-560: Acts that may be performed by licensed dental hygienists under general and close supervision. 

Proposed Amendments: 

  • Add head and neck examination to general supervision;
  • Add administering local anesthetics including reversal agents and buffered anesthetic under general supervision when certain conditions are met, and clarifies when these tasks are required under close supervision;
  • Add taking specific impressions to general supervision;
  • Add delivery of pre-medication for antibiotic prophylaxis to general supervision; and
  • Amends administering of local anesthetics in close supervision by adding reversal agents, buffered anesthetic, and reference when general supervision is appropriate under WAC 246-817-550 (6).

After reviewing public commentary, the rule was passed unanimously and will enter the final phase of rulemaking. 

DQAC rulemaking typically occurs in three phases; CR-101: Inquiry, CR-102: Proposal and CR-103: Adoption. The Commission also has the authority to expedite rulemaking through a CR-105 form. 

More information on these rule changes can be found online on the Department of Health’s website


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