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Washington State Dental Association

DQAC Update 1/11/16

The Washington State Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) is requesting public comment for the following rule changes regarding dentistry in Washington. DQAC will accept comments for these rules until January 18.

WAC 246-817-160
The commission is considering amendments to education requirements for graduates of non-accredited dental schools to clarify clinical education and examination eligibility process. The proposed rule requires the predoctoral or postdoctoral education must include clinical training and be accredited by CODA beginning July 1, 2018.

Read the proposed rule changes here

WAC 246-817-120
The commission is considering modifying the rule to clarify acceptable examinations for dentist licensure and to change the name of an examination organization. The proposed rule lists examination subject content and clinical examinations from other U.S. states and Canada as acceptable.

Read the proposed rule changes here

WACs 246-817-130, 135, and 140
The commission is considering amendments to update the licensing requirements detailed in WACs 246-817-130, -135, and -140. RCW 18.32.215 Licensure without examination –Licensed in another state, provides statutory requirements for dentists licensed in another state whom apply for a Washington state dental license. Current rules related to licensure without examination are confusing and refer to license by examination requirements. The commission wants to clearly identify dental licensure without examination.

Read the proposed rule changes here.

WACs 246-817-510, 520, 525, 540, and 545
The proposed amendments clarify, add, delete, and re-order the lists of supportive services a dentist may delegate to registered dental assistants and licensed expanded function dental auxiliaries. Additionally, three definitions have been updated for clarity.

Read the proposed rule changes here

Please submit any comments to Jennifer Santiago at prior to January 18. 

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