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DQAC Update

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) are currently in the process of reviewing several rule changes which if approved could be implemented before the end of the year. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit written testimony relating to the proposed rules prior to the formal rules hearing.

At the April 24, 2015 meeting, DQAC held a rules hearing on the following rules:

  • Dentist Retired Active Status (WAC 246-817-230) The proposed rules would add a new section to create a retired active status dentist license, including continuing education requirements. WSDA testified in support of the proposal which was approved by the commission.
  • Dentist Prescribing, Dispensing, or Distributing Drugs (WAC 246-817-360) The commission proposed repealing this rule as it is duplicative in intent to RCW 18.32.020 and will eliminate differing interpretations of the term “dental-related condition.” The commission approved the proposal which they believe will allow prescriptions to be written closer to the practice of dentistry. 

Rules Update:

  • Sexual Misconduct (WAC 246-817-460) The commission proposed a rule amendment which adds language to the existing rule that would classify any sexual contact with any person involving force, intimidation, or lack of consent; or a conviction of a sex offense as defined in RCW 9.94A.030 as sexual misconduct. The CR-102 has been filed with DOH. DQAC is anticipating a rules hearing will be held on June 5, 2015.
  •  Dentist Fees and Renewal Cycle (WAC 246-817-990) The following fees became effective on April 6, 2015:

Licensure Fees

Renewal                                               $150
Surcharge – Impaired dentist         $50
Late renewal penalty                        $75

  • Graduates of Non-accredited Schools (WAC 246-817-160) This rule revision will modify the education requirements for graduates of non-accredited schools to include clinical experience and require an eligibility letter for clinical exam. The CR-101 has been filed with DOH and is currently being processed.  

Online Licensing Project:

  •  DOH is working to create an online initial licensure application which will streamline the application process. The online portal for new license applications will reduce the amount of time to issue licenses, improve patient safety and access to care, and allow providers and facilities to provide care sooner. DOH will be implementing a survey process to better understand Washington’s provider population in the near future. WSDA members are encouraged to participate in the survey. 
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