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DQAC Rules Needing Comment

The Washington State Department of Health and the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) are currently in the process of reviewing several rule changes which if approved could be implemented before the end of the year. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit written testimony relating to the proposed rules prior to the formal rules hearing.

DQAC is proposing rule modification to WAC 246-817-310 and adding new sections WAC 246-817-304, 246-817-305 and 246-817-315. 

·    WAC 246-817-310    Patient record retention and accessibility requirements
This rule modification removes the language regarding record maintenance and adds language regarding record retention requirements. The proposed language states that a dentist must maintain records for at least six years from the date of the last treatment, must respond to written request for records within fifteen working days after receipt, and shall comply with all patient record request rules under 70.02 RCW, as well as all destruction and privacy regulations under HIPPA. 

·    WAC 246-817-304    Definitions
This proposed new section clearly defines what is considered a clinical record, financial record, notation, and a patient record. 

·    WAC 246-817-305    Patient record content
This proposed new section states that a dentist must maintain both the clinical and financial records of a patient as well as outlines the minimal information which must be included in a patient’s clinical record. The proposed language also lays out the protocol for correcting mistakes found in both handwritten and electronic records.  

·    WAC 246-817-315    Business records accessibility
This proposed new section gives DQAC the authority to request a licensed dentist who operates a dental practice to produce documentation concerning the ownership status of their office and dental equipment. This proposed language will also require dentists to identify all parties associated with related to the practice of dentistry, regardless if they are licensed to practice dentistry, as well as produce all contracts or agreements relating to the dental practice’s business relationships with co-owners, partners, and associates. 

*All rule language with an underline is new proposed language to existing rules. All rule language with a strike through is proposed deleted language to existing rules.

If you would like to submit any comments, concerns, or suggested changes regarding these proposed rule changes, please email Jennifer Santiago at by August 24, 2015. 

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