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DQAC Update

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) are currently in the process of reviewing proposed rule modifications related to the delegation and prohibition of duties by dental assistants and expanded function dental auxiliaries.  Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit written testimony relating to the proposed rules prior to the formal rules hearing.

The proposed rule changes seek to clarify existing language to reduce confusion surrounding what duties may be delegated to dental assistants and EFDAs as well as what duties are prohibited. 

Proposed Rule Modifications:
·    WAC 246-817-510 Definitions for WAC 246-817-501 through 246-817-570.

·    WAC 246-817-520 Supportive services that may be performed by registered dental assistants.

·    WAC 246-817-525 Supportive services that may be performed by expanded function dental auxiliaries (EFDAs).

·    WAC 246-817-540 Acts that may not be performed by registered dental assistants or non-credentialed persons.

·    WAC 246-817-545 Acts that may not be performed by expanded function dental auxiliaries (EFDAs) or non-credentialed persons.

*All rule language with an underline is new proposed language to existing rules. All rule language with a strike through is proposed deleted language to existing rules.

If you would like to submit any comments, concerns, or suggested changes regarding these proposed rule changes, please email Jennifer Santiago at by July 15, 2015. 

At their June meeting, DQAC formally adopted the proposed anesthesia rules, WAC 246-817-740, 745, 760 & 772. Dentists must comply with these requirements when administering any type of anesthetic agents for a dental procedure. The Secretary of Health must still sign off on the approved rules before they can go into effect. In response to stakeholder feedback, a separate series of pediatric anesthesia requirements will be developed by DQAC in the coming months.

The following rule modification orders were also recently submitted:

·    WAC 246-817-120 Examination content
o    The proposal is a housekeeping measure that would modify the rule to clarify acceptable examinations for dentist licensure and to change the name of an examination organization. Since WAC 246-817-120 was last written, NERB and SRTA have adopted the ADEX Dental Examination Series. This new rule language is intended to reflect that change.
·    WAC 246-817-160 Graduates of non-accredited schools
o    DQAC is considering amendments to education requirements for graduates of non-accredited dental schools to clarify the required clinical education and examination eligibility process.

·    WAC 246-226-040 Establishing requirements in a new chapter for the safety and performance of computed tomography (CT) diagnostic x-ray systems
o    With the growth of CT technology in recent years, frequency of scans, and amount of radiation used, DOH may need to develop new rules that will reduce radiation exposure to the public. DOH has asked that stakeholders continue to follow the progress of the draft CT rules and provide feedback to the CT Advisory Committee.

The above rules are not currently open for public comment but interested parties should continue to track the progress of these rules and submit comments or concerns during open comment periods. These and other rules currently under consideration by DQAC can be tracked on the DOH rule making activity page

The Dental Hygiene Examining Committee is accepting applications to fill a vacancy. The committee consists of four members (three hygienists and one public member) appointed by the Secretary of Health. Each dental hygiene member must be licensed in Washington state and not be affiliated with any dental hygiene school. The committee meets four times a year and works to protect the health and safety of the public.

Interested parties can apply electronically at:


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