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DQAC Anesthesia

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) are currently in the process of reviewing proposed rule modifications to chapter 246-817 WAC- Administration of Anesthetic Agents for Dental Procedures. Interested stakeholders are encouraged to submit written testimony relating to the proposed rules prior to the formal rules hearing.

The proposed rules would remove the requirement of pre-sedation vitals when administering nitrous oxide and remove proposed requirements of end-tidal CO2 monitoring from moderate sedation. View a complete summary of DQAC’s proposed rule modifications.

Proposed Rule Modifications:

·    WAC 246-817-724 Recordkeeping, equipment and emergency medications or drugs
required in all sites where anesthetic agents of any kind are administered

·    WAC 246-817-740 Minimal sedation by inhalation

·    WAC 246-817-745 Minimal sedation

·    WAC 246-817-755 Moderate sedation

·    WAC 246-817-760 Moderate sedation with parenteral agents

·    WAC 246-817-772 Training requirements for anesthesia monitor

*All rule language with an underline is new proposed language to existing rules. All rule language with a strike through is proposed deleted language to existing rules.

If you would like to submit any comments, concerns, or suggested changes regarding these proposed rule changes, please email Jennifer Santiago at by June 1, 2015. A formal rules hearing will be scheduled soon.


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