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Accreditation Process For Dental Therapy Education Authorized

With the recent announcement by CODA, the WSDA would like to reaffirm its opposition to any midlevel model. The Association does recognize that some Washington tribes struggle from a lack of access to oral health care. To better understand these issues, the WSDA has begun to meet with tribes throughout Washington. The goal of this work is to establish trust between WSDA and tribal leaders and create meaningful, sustainable solutions to the oral health problems faced by some tribes.

The ADA News (8/7, Solana) reported that on August 7 the Commission on Dental Accreditation voted to authorize “the establishment of an accreditation process for dental therapy education programs.” According to the article, “The earliest an existing or developing dental therapy program could be accredited is estimated to be January 2017.” While supporting CODA, the ADA said in a statement that it “remains firmly opposed to allowing non-dentists to perform surgical procedures.”

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