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Candidates for WSDA Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Last week, we introduced you to the two candidates for President-elect of the Board of Directors. This week, we're providing the candidate statements for open Board positions. They appear here alphabetically.

Dr. Dennis Bradshaw

Current Positions
Board of Directors, 3 years
Program and Restorative advisor Great Blue Heron East Study Club - forever
Task Force Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, currently

Former Positions
Pacific Northwest Dental Conference Committee, ‘09 - ‘13, Chairman ‘11 - ‘12
Member WSDA House of Delegates ‘99 - ‘13
Past President/Vice President/Treasurer Benton- Franklin Dental Society

Professional Affiliations

‘86, DDS Loma Linda University

Candidate Statement
    I am Denny Bradshaw, and I am running for re-election to the WSDA Board of Directors. As I stated three years ago,‘ we are seeing increased outside pressure to weaken and destroy the core values and essence of our profession,’ that statement has even more validity today. In addition, I would now say we are now under the gun to try and kill the viability of private practice. I believe we will need a mixture of experience and bold new thinking for the WSDA to continue to support, protect and move our profession forward. I bring both to the boardroom table. My experience includes one term on the WSDA Board of Directors, PNDC committee and chairman and many, many years as a delegate. My ability to look at issues critically, with a statewide vision is needed more now than ever at this critical time for our profession.

     What I have added to the Board is a mature, straight-forward approach. My strength is my ability to look at all issues through critical eyes, insuring that your Board performs appropriate due diligence before making decisions. When those decisions prove correct, I am the first to support them. When they are shown to be less than we desire, I‘ve been ready to help find ways to correct and improve where we can and, if necessary, find a compromise that gives the best outcome for all concerned. The experience I‘ve learned in my first term will help guide me to be an even more valuable asset to your Board of Directors in my second term. 

Dr. Michelle Caldier

Current Positions
Washington State Representative representing the 26th Legislative District. Sworn into office, January, ‘15
Member of the House Health and Wellness Committee, ‘15
National Committee of State Legislators Child Welfare Fiscal Policy Roundtable Member, ‘15
Kitsap County Dental Society Delegate, ‘15

Former Positions
Seattle-King County Dental Society Delegate,  ‘13 - ‘14
Seattle-King County Dental Society Executive Council Member ‘12 - ‘14
Chair of the Access to Care Committee ‘07 - ‘13

Professional Affiliations 
Washington State Republican Party
Washington State House of Representatives
Kitsap County Dental Society
Washington State Dental Association
American Dental Association

AAS, Olympic College ‘95
BA, University of Washington ‘97
DDS, University of Washington ‘01
Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute ‘13
National Leadership Institute in Washington DC, ‘13 

Candidate Statement
    After years of serving in various positions in the Washington State Dental Association, I have had the opportunity this year to serve in the Washington State Legislature and represent the people of our great state. As a State Representative, I have built strong relationships with other elected leaders in our state and learned how the legislative process impacts our lives, businesses and profession on a daily basis. While serving on the House Health and Wellness Committee, I had an inside voice in Olympia and ability to influence the outcome of dental legislation as it moved through the legislative process. If elected to serve on the Washington State Dental Association Board, I will have an opportunity to work collaboratively with both the elected leaders of our organization and the elected leaders in our state. 

Dr. Ronald Dahl

Current Positions
WSDA Board of Directors, ‘12 - present
Mt. Baker District Dental Society Executive Committee, ‘07 - present
Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom Co. Foundation BOD Secretary/Treasurer, ‘12 - present
UWSOD Affiliate Clinical Professor, ‘02 - present
ADA House of Delegates, Alternate Delegate ‘15

Former Positions 
WSDA Committee on Government Affairs, ‘10 - ‘12
Mt Baker District Dental Society, President ‘08 - 09
WSDA Committee on Strategic Planning, Chair ‘93 - 94
Associated Ferrier Study Clubs, President ‘07 - ‘08
ADA House of Delegates, Delegate ‘14

Professional Affiliations
ADA/WSDA/MBDDS, ‘83 - present
American College of Dentists, ‘97 - present
Pierre Fauchard Academy, ‘12 - present
International College of Dentists, ‘13 - present
International Academy of Gnathology, ‘01 - present

BS, University of Washington, ‘79

Robert L Bruna Dental Seminar (clinical study club) ‘88 - present
Academy of R V Tucker Study Clubs, ‘07 -‘ 13
Vancouver Ferrier Study Club, ‘95 - ‘13
Boys & Girls Club of Ferndale BOD, ‘90 - present

Candidate Statement
    The next time you are in your office having one of “those days”; trying to locate an MB2 canal, retrieve a root tip, you name it; step back, take a deep breath and consider how fortunate you are to be part of such a wonderful profession. Dentistry affords us the opportunity to genuinely make a difference in peoples’ lives. While you are intimately involved in providing the best possible care for your patients, WSDA is working hard to preserve your independence, your doctor-patient relationship, and your freedom to choose what is best for your practice. The WSDA Board of Directors, officers, committees, task forces, et al, along with the indispensable support of our tireless staff, are here to stand up and speak out for our profession as we face the evolving and ongoing challenges to dentistry as we know it. Organized dentistry gives us a united voice as we meet these challenges head on. 

    As a Director, I will continue to work hard and to seek input from all members so that my voice on the Board will reflect the concerns of the membership. I will focus my energy, dedication, and experience toward helping to guide our great profession through these changing times, while remaining true to our core values. Together as an association, we can truly achieve what is best for dentistry, our patients, and our practices. I humbly request your support of my re-election to the WSDA Board of Directors.

Dr. Christopher Delecki

Current positions
SKCDS Access Committee, ‘03 to present
Seattle Central Community College Hygiene Advisory Committee ‘06 to present
WSDA Board of Directors ‘12 to ‘15

Former Positions 
WSDA Budget & Finance ‘06 to ‘09 (Chair ‘09)
SKCDS President ‘08 to ‘09
ADA House of Delegates, as USPHS member ‘96 and ‘97
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA House , ‘05 to ‘12

DDS, University of Michigan ‘77
MBA, City University Bellevue ‘84
MPH, University of Michigan ‘92

National Oral Health Consultant Native American Head Start ‘08-‘10
Have been a member of several conferences or have served on numerous ad-hoc committees  relating to oral health issues in Washington State the past 15 years

Candidate Statement
    I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for one of the positions on WDSA’s Board of Directors. My educational and professional experiences position me well as an exceptional candidate who will bring a unique skill set to the Board. Two of the “hot” issues facing organized dentistry are access to care and the inclusion and retention of young dentists in our professional organization. In regards to the access issues facing our profession, I am one of a few dentists that can bridge the gap between those community-based or public health organizations promoting non-traditional and unacceptable changes in the current practice model and our profession. I have provided dental care in the community clinic setting to some of the most demanding, low income patients my entire career. I have worked in rural America for several years as an Indian Health Service Dentist. For the past 8 years, I have worked 2 to 5 weeks each year as a host dentist on the SmileMobile in a number of rural Washington communities. I thoroughly understand the access issues facing our profession.

    As an affiliate assistant professor for the University of Washington‘s School of Dentistry and an attending dentist at Seattle Children‘s Odessa Brown Children‘s Clinic, I have interacted and mentored many young dentists for the past 16 years. Through these many daily interactions, I have gained a deep understanding and appreciation of the issues facing our young peers. I am sensitive to their concerns and can more than adequately represent their interests on the Board.

    My involvement and accomplishments with the Seattle-King County Dental Society during the past 16 years speaks well to my dedication, imagination and leadership that I will continue to bring to the WSDA Board of Directors. With your support, I look forward to blending my unique skill set with the skills of other outstanding members of the Board to move our profession forward.

Dr. Mostafa Norooz

Current Positions 
WSDA budget & finance committee
Pierce County Dental Society immediate past president
Pierce County Dental Society delegate

Former Positions
Pierce County Dental Society president
Pierce County Dental Society vice president
Pierce County Dental Society treasurer
Pierce County Dental Society secretary
Pierce County Dental Society trustee

Professional Affiliations
Tripartite member with WSDA
Fellow of Academy of General Dentistry
Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantology
Fellow Doctors Organization of Conscious Sedation
Member of Academy of Oral Implantology

DDS, Uni. Of Oklahoma, ‘95
BS, Uni. Of Oklahoma ,‘90

Toast Masters International since ‘06 member

Candidate Statement
    I am running for trustee position with WSDA board of directors. I am excited to serve as a board member. I have been with organized dentistry long enough to know the issues and challenges facing it. I have energy and passion to devote to organized dentistry. Since I have been in many leadership positions in the past with a successful track record, I would like to continue on with serving organized dentistry. During my presidency with Pierce County Dental Society we were able to keep a healthy budget, increase the membership and maintain energy and cohesiveness in the society.

    I would like to ask for everyone‘s support to help me win the trustee position. I hope to put in my energy and experience in to WSDA and organized dentistry.

Dr. Randall (Randy) Ogata

Current Positions 
WSDA Delegate to ADA House
ADA SUCCESS Seminar Speaker
SKCDS Delegate to WSDA House
SKCDS Membership Committee
SKCDS Ambassador

Former Positions 
ADA Council on Membership ‘10 - ‘14
WSDA Speaker of the House ‘08 - ‘10
AAO Committee on Membership, Ethics & Judicial Concerns ‘08 -‘ 10
WSDA Budget & Finance Committee ‘04 - ‘07, Chair ‘07
ADA Committee on the New Dentist, ‘98 -‘ 02,  Chair ‘01 (now New Dentist Committee)

Professional Affiliations
American Dental Association (ADA)
Washington State Dental Association (WSDA)
Seattle-King County Dental Society (SKCDS)
American Student Dental Association (ASDA)
American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)

BS Zoology, University of Washington
DDS, University of Nebraska Medical Center – College of Dentistry
AEGD, University of Nebraska Medical Center – College of Dentistry
Certificate Orthodontics, University of Oklahoma – Health Science Center
MS Dental Materials, University of Oklahoma – Health Science Center

Instructor - University of Washington, School of Dentistry – Dental Ethics
American College of Dentists
International College of Dentists
Pierre Fauchard Academy
Chief Seattle Council of Boy Scouts of America

Candidate Statement
    Members Matter Most – everything organized dentistry does at the component, state and national level should focus on being in the best interest of the members we serve; or have the goal of helping our members succeed both professionally and personally.

    Declining Membership Market Share is the Elephant standing before us – organized dentistry is not remaining relevant to the majority of the students in dental schools and recent graduates. The way in which organized dentistry chooses to communicate and message with these Millennials will shape the future of our dental profession. If we do not become relevant to the next generation of dentists, we will witness the erosion of our dental profession into a dental trade.

    The experiences and relationships formed while serving in past organized dentistry positions gives me a unique perspective both locally, statewide and nationally. I look forward to sharing my experiences to help bridge the gap between the Baby Boomers currently in leadership and mentoring the Millennial leaders just embarking on their journey into organized dentistry. 

    I would appreciate your consideration and vote for the WSDA Board and if not, as one of your ADA Delegates.

Dr. Amy Winston

Current Positions
Medical Director of Hospital Dentistry, Swedish Medical Center
Division Chief, Hospital Dentistry, Swedish Medical Center
Building Healthier Communities Committee Member, Swedish Medical Center
Seattle-King County Dental Foundation Board Member
Seattle-King County Dental Society Delegate to WSDA
Seattle-King County Dental Society Access Committee
Seattle-King County Dental Society Event Planning Committee
WSDA Public Policy Task Force Member

Former Positions
Assistant Director, Swedish GPR program ‘09 - ‘14
Seattle-King County Executive Council ‘08 - ‘12

Professional Affiliations
Pierre Fauchard Academy
University of Michigan Alumni Association

GPR Certificate, University of Washington ‘04 DDS, University of Michigan, ‘02
BS, Washington State University, ‘97
Currently enrolled in OHSU Healthcare MBA program

Candidate Statement
    My goal is to help WSDA lead the nation in solving dentistry’s access-to-care problems, and I am excited about being part of this effort. I have already helped build several successful, innovative, sustainable programs in King County and I’d like to use my knowledge to help WSDA develop a statewide access-to-care strategy. It is critical for us to develop a robust dental safety net to care for our vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens. In doing so, we can present the legislature with clear data that will eliminate any future suggestion of a mid-level provider. We can do this! As a member of the board, I will work with all of the component societies to understand their respective challenges and identify opportunities unique to each community. My background in working with dental residencies, private practices, hospital systems and community health centers gives me a unique and thorough understanding of the possibilities for collaboration. I don‘t believe there is a “one size fits all” solution or else we would have figured it out by now. I do believe, however, there are new partnerships to be made and valuable stakeholders to attract. I want to be part of building these relationships on behalf of our organization.

    If elected to the Board, I will work vigorously to engage WSDA members and our community partners from all over the state to help develop and implement a long-term, WSDA-driven access-to-care strategy. I believe we can create viable, tangible solutions for the rest of the country to follow.


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