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Washington State Dental Association

Apply for WSDA Speaker of the House

Do you want to get more involved with WSDA leadership? Serve an integral role at the House of Delegates (held September 14-16 in Stevenson, WA) and in the Association’s governance process by applying to be the next WSDA Speaker of the House. Applications are due by June 9.

The Speaker’s duties are:

  1. To conduct the second business session of the House of Delegates. The WSDA president shall preside over the first business session.
  2. The Speaker of the House shall be a member of the Reference Committee on Rules and Order.
  3. To perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary procedure require or as prescribed by the House of Delegates from time to time.

Selection requirements: 

  1. The Speaker shall be an Active, Life or Retired member in good standing. 
  2. The Speaker will be selected by the Board of Directors annually at least one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the beginning of the House of Delegates.
  3. The Speaker shall not serve more than three (3) consecutive years.
  4. The following individuals will not be eligible to serve as Speaker of the House:
    1. Voting delegate of the WSDA House of Delegates.
    2. Member of WSDA Board of Directors.
    3.  Any member running for an officer’s position or a position on the Board of Directors of WSDA
  5. In case the Speaker is unable to fulfill the duties, the Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement Speaker of the House.

To apply for this position, please send a submission letter and CV to by June 9.

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