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Medicare Part D Enforcement Deadline Delayed

Important Update! Medicare Part D Enforcement Deadline Delayed

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) will once again be delaying the enforcement deadline of the Part D Prescriber Enrollment Requirement until February 1, 2017. Despite this delay, CMS is encouraging providers to submit either their enrollment applications or opt-out affidavits to their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) by August 1, 2017, to ensure sufficient time for processing. The MAC in Washington state is Noridian Healthcare Solutions. 

As a reminder, although Medicare only covers a very limited number of dental procedures, dentists are still required to comply with this regulation. Simply not doing anything will not be considered an opt-out, dentists will need to submit the required documentation to their MAC whether they are enrolling as a Medicare Provider, enrolling as an Ordering/Referring Provider, or opting-out. 

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