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2015 House of Delegates Resolution Summaries

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HD-01-2015 · Rules for the House of Delegates – September 2015
    This resolution calls for the acceptance of the rules that govern the 2015 House of Delegates. 

HD-02-2015 · Committees and Parliamentarian for Annual Meeting of House of Delegates – September 2015
    This resolution calls for the acceptance of the committee appointments for the House by the President.

HD-03-2014 · Acceptance of WSDA Audit for the Year Ending September 30, 2014
    This resolution calls for the acceptance of the results of the audit for 2014.

HD-04-2015 · WSDA 2015/2016 Budget
    This resolution calls for the adoption of the 2015/2016 budget.

HD-05-2015 · WSDA Dues for 2016 (Bylaw Amendment)
    This resolution calls for a bylaw amendment to set the dues for 2016.

HD-06-2015 Nominations for Elective Office
    This resolution calls for the acceptance of the nominations for elective office.

HD-07-2015 Location for the 2018 House
    This resolution calls for the acceptance of Tacoma, Wash., as the location for the 2018 House.

HD-08-2015 · WSDA Legislative Agenda for 2016
    This resolution calls for the acceptance of the WSDA Legislative Agenda for 2016.

HD-09-2015 · Appointment of Task Force to Review Automated Membership Approval Process
    This resolution calls for the formation of a task force to learn the feasibility of expediting the membership-approval process.

HD-10-2015 Recognition of Association and Component Society Staff
    This resolution calls for the establishment of a protocol for acknowledging the years of service of Association and component society staff at the House of Delegates.

HD-11-2015 Stipend for the Secretary-Treasurer (Articles of Incorporation Amendment)
    This resolution calls for an amendment to the articles of incorporation to increase the yearly stipend of the Secretary-Treasurer of the WSDA to $5,000 from $2,500, based upon the workload of the office and to make it equal to the stipend for the President-elect. 

HD-12-2015 · Formalization of the Executive Director Compensation Committee (Bylaw Amendment)
    This resolution calls for formalizing an Executive Director Compensation committee to make compensation recommendations to the Board of Directors based upon a review of the Executive Director’s performance, compensation comparison data, and other information deemed appropriate and necessary by the Compensation Committee and the Board of Directors.

HD-13-2015 · Executive Director Compensation Consultant
    This resolution calls for retaining a compensation consultant from time to time to review the compensation of the Executive Director and determine how the Executive Director’s compensation compares to comparable positions at comparable organizations and report to the Board of Directors.

HD-14-2015 · External Review of Association Governance, Strategic Planning, Decision Making, and Enterprise Risk Management
    This resolution calls for the retention of an external consultant to review the WSDA’s governance, strategic planning, decision-making processes, and enterprise risk management. 

HD-15-2015 · Dental License Renewal Reform
    This resolution calls for the WSDA to seek regulatory, legal, and/or legislative relief for dentists that would result in preventing the DOL from suspending a license to practice without due process solely for failure to pay a fee by an artificial deadline.

HD-16-2015 · Regarding PGY-1 Residencies in Washington State
    This resolution seeks to establish a new path to licensure for all successful GPR and AEGD residents upon completion of their program. This will be done by working with the State Legislature and the Dental Quality Assurance Commission to allow the successful completion of an accredited, supervised GPR/AEGD program to stand in lieu of a regional board examination.

HD-17-2015 · First-time Delegates to the ADA House
    This resolution calls for giving one of the current at-large delegate positions to the ADA House to a member dentist who has never been elected to the House and has previously served at least one year as a WSDA-appointed alternate delegate or ASDA-elected delegate to the ADA House in order to foster participation among younger dentists.

HD-18-2015 · Anti-Nepotism Policy
    This resolution calls for the adoption of an anti-nepotism policy by the WSDA.

HD-19-2015 · Nonprofit Compliance Training for Staff and Board Members
    This resolution calls for the Executive Director, select staff, and Board members of the WSDA to complete nonprofit compliance training annually.

HD-20-2015 · Independent Committee on Executive Compensation (Bylaw Amendment)
    This resolution calls for an amendment to the WSDA Bylaws to require the formation of an independent committee on executive compensation to meet every three years to review the compensation of the WSDA’s Executive Director using the following criteria: comparability data; health of the membership as a percentage of potential members; legislative success; and other data deemed appropriate by the committee. 

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