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2015 House of Delegates · Candidate Statements

What is the House of delegates?
What asked to define the House of Delegates,  Dr. Mary Smith, the Speaker of the House for the 2015 House of Delegates said, "Every component (that’s your local dental society) has the responsibility to send representation (delegates and alternate delegates) to an annual meeting of the state association where we discuss our current rules and decide if we need to change anything, update policies, add anything new, vote for and install officers, determine our budget and dues, and plan for the future. We do this every September. This year we are scheduled to meet in Spokane, September 17-19."

In the first of an ongoing series, we'll introduce you to all the candidates for office. Today, we're presenting candidates for President-elect, Dr. Gary Heyamoto and Dr. Bernard J. Larson, listed alphabetically.

Dr. Gary Heyamoto

Current Positions
WSDA, Board of Director,‘10 - present
WA AGD, Board of Director, present
WA AGD, Chair of Continuing Education, ‘06 - present
Seattle King County Dental Society, Communication and Forensic Committee
National Football League, Seahawks Statistician, ‘83 - present

Former Positions
AGD, Region 11 Trustee , ‘07 - ‘14
WSDA, Budget and Finance Committee,‘06 - ‘10
WA AGD President,‘03 - ‘05
Seattle King County Dental Society Secretary, ‘04
Emerald City R.V. Tucker Cast Gold Clinical Study Club, President, ‘97 - ‘98

Professional Affiliations
American Dental Association, 1980 - present
Pierre Fauchard, ‘00
American College of Dentists, ‘05
International College of Dentists, ‘06
College of Dentistry International, ‘05

DDS, UWSoD, ‘80

Washington State Dental Association, ‘80 - present
Seattle King County Dental Society, ‘80 - present
University of Washington, Statistician: Football, Basketball
W.S.D.A. / U.W. Mentorship Program for Dental Students, ‘96 - present
U. of Washington Dental Alumni Association, ‘80 - present

Candidate Statement
My decision to run for President-elect on the WSDA Board is fueled by the multiple critical issues challenging the practice of dentistry today. Many of these unresolved issues are not unique to our region, or even to our State. There are many outside forces negatively influencing the public safety, comfort and trust the dental profession has earned in the health care profession over the years. Issues that threaten the very existence of independent practice as we know it. 

 The President-elect, President and Past President are ambassadors of our State Association. The House and Board determine policies which are carried out and enforced by WSDA but represented by the three P‘s. Aside from administrative duties, they are the personification of WSDA.

 As the past Academy of General Dentistry‘s Region 11 Trustee (‘07 - ‘14) and serving on the WSDA Board of Directors (‘10 - present), I have an unique opportunity to communicate with many dentists in leadership positions from other states. Sitting on both boards has allowed me to gain insight and knowledge of nationwide activity, which can be readily shared and discussed as applicable to local issues. As in most positions, knowledge and “who you know” make effective leadership tools. 

 I offer communication and transparency, honesty and wisdom, confidence and humility. 
 I‘m in a position in my personal and practice life to dedicate my service to WSDA at the executive council level. I have the time, energy, background and confidence to serve you well.

Dr. Bernard J. Larson

Current Positions
ADA, Action Team Leader, ‘99 – present
ADA, Alternate Delegate, ‘15
WSDA, Board of Directors, ‘10 – present
Mt. Baker District, Delegate to WSDA House of Delegates, ‘07 – present
AAPD, Council on Government Affairs, ‘12 – present

Former Positions
WSDA, DentPAC Board, ‘04 – ‘10; Chair ‘06 – ‘10
WSDA, Government Affairs Committee, ‘06 – ‘10
WA State DOH / DQAC, Dental Anesthesia Committee, ‘05 – ‘06
Western Society of Pediatric Dentistry, WA State Representative, ‘07 – ‘09
Washington State Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, President, ‘06 – ‘07 

Professional Affiliations
ADA Tripartite
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
College of Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
International College of Dentists
American College of Dentists

Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry, George Washington University / Children‘s National Medical Center, ‘92 – ‘94
AEGD, Evans Army Hospital, Fort Carson, ‘87
DDS, Marquette University, ‘86
BS, Marquette University, ‘82

Northwest Pediatric Dental Study Club, ‘96 - present
University of Washington, Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry, Affiliate Faculty, ‘98 – present
Skagit County Community Action Agency, Advisory Committee, ‘99 - present
Children‘s Museum of Skagit County, Board of Directors, ‘04 – present, President ‘10 – ‘15
Boy Scouts of America, Asst. Scoutmaster, ‘12 - present

Candidate Statement
I have been a volunteer for the ADA and its affiliates since dental school. During the intervening years, I have been selected for many governance positions. These have all contributed to my understanding of the WSDA, its function and its mission. It has been an honor to represent dentistry, and by association each of you, in these varied capacities.

 Currently we face several challenges from outside sources which, if left unchecked, would prove detrimental to the patients in our care, as well as those who fail to make it through our open doors. We need to be inventive and bold to compete with the forces aligned against us. It is for this purpose that your Board is employing outside consultants, while insisting they strictly adhere to the facts when crafting our messages. I anticipate the challenges ahead and intend to be instrumental in transforming our well-tested systems to be as nimble as needed to achieve success.

 Recently internal WSDA dissent has risen. I look forward to listening to any credible critique from members willing to have an open discussion, under mutually reasonable circumstances, in the hope that there is convincing evidence of the relevance for change. I firmly believe that the resolution of perceived issues will allow us to focus on any external threats known, or presently unrevealed. It is my intent to facilitate bringing us all back into unity. To assist me in guiding our association‘s future, as the next WSDA president-elect, I humbly ask for your vote.

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