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Sesame Communications: Generating New Patients Just Got A Lot Easier!

Sesame Communications has teamed up with Healthgrades to give your practice unparalleled access to high-value prospective patients.

The Healthgrades Enhanced Profile from Sesame Communications offers your practice preferred placement and unparalleled access to more than 20 million searches from prospective patients in your area. In fact, more prospective patients search Healthgrades than any other site on the Internet — and they don't just visit, they schedule appointments.

More calls, more patients
Sesame Communications member offices who signed up for the Healthgrades Enhanced site averaged just over eleven new patient calls per month directly from Healthgrades. Assuming a very modest conversion rate of callers to patients would result in approximately five new patients a month. According to the ADA, the lowest average amount spent by a patient is $900 per year. 5 x $900 = $4,500. The value of the new patients generated in one month could pay for several years of the service.

In November 2013, Dr. Sarah Jockin of Lake Park Dental in Tampa, Fla. purchased a Healthgrades Enhanced profile. As of July 2014 it has generated $211,200 in additional production and 176 new patient appointments. Jockin says,“Upgrading to a Healthgrades Enhanced profile has been the best use of my marketing dollars bar none!” Dr. Larry Emmott, another Healthgrades Enhanced customer says, "I like them because they ask online reviewers to answer eight standard questions. They do not publish open ended rants. In addition, they have the kind of SEO Google Juice that is not typically available to a solo office. The early results are in and they are impressive." 

Interested in finding out more about Healthgrades Enhanced profiles? Visit Sesame Communications

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