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Rx Regulations

Reminder: When filling a prescription for in-office use, dentists need to establish an account and order their prescription medications through a wholesaler with proper invoicing. Pharmacies that are not licensed wholesalers are not to supply medication to prescribers and are in violation of WAC 246-879-010 unless one of the below sections (a-e) apply. 

(10) "Wholesale distribution" means distribution of prescription drugs to persons other than a consumer or patient, but does not include:
(a) The sale, purchase, or trade of a drug, an offer to sell, purchase or trade a drug, or the dispensing of a drug pursuant to a prescription:
(b) The lawful distribution of drug samples by manufacturers' representatives or distributors' representatives; or
(c) The sale, purchase, or trade of blood and blood components intended for transfusion.
(d) Intracompany sales, being defined as any transaction or transfer between any division, subsidiary, parent and/or affiliated or related company under the common ownership and control of a corporate entity, unless such transfer occurs between a wholesale distributor and a health care entity or practitioner.
(e) The sale, purchase, or trade of a drug or an offer to sell, purchase, or trade a drug for emergency medical reasons; for purposes of this section, "emergency medical reasons" includes transfers of prescription drugs by retail pharmacy to another retail pharmacy or practitioner to alleviate a temporary shortage, except that the gross dollar value of such transfers shall not exceed five percent of the total prescription drug sale revenue of either the transferor or transferee pharmacy during any twelve consecutive month period.

The Department of Health has a facility search on their website that allows providers to search by facility type. In order to find a pharmacy in Washington that is licensed as a wholesaler, simply click on “Pharmaceutical Wholesaler License” in the facility type box and then select the city and county in which you would like to conduct your search. Access DOH’s facility search. 

Please note that antibiotics such as Amoxicillin and Clindamycin can also be purchased through some dental supply companies. 
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