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Dr. Kim Kutsch speaks at the 2015 PNDC

We are pleased to announce Dr. Kim Kutsch, the CEO of Oral BioTech, will be speaking at the 2015 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference. On Friday, June 12, he will present two lectures: “Implementing CAMBRA Made Simple” and “Dental Caries Therapeutic Strategies Revisited”. These two lectures promise to be exciting and informative, and are essential for your dental team.

Implementing CAMBRA Made Simple

Dental caries is a complex biofilm mediated disease, significantly influenced by pH. Caries risk assessment (CAMBRA) represents a new standard of care that gives practitioners an advantage at controlling this destructive disease. Risk modifications, in addition to new products that help neutralize the acidic pH during the treatment process, restore a healthy biofilm, promote remineralization, and stop the decay cycle, will be explored. While CAMBRA appears simple, implementing this philosophy has not been easy for dental practices. Steps on how to implement CAMBRA into private practice will be covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the history of dental caries and the new biofilm model for the disease
  • Identify the materials and decisions necessary to successfully integrate CAMBRA into private practice, including how team members participate
  • Understand the treatment strategies for dental caries and the indications for treatment choices based on clinical examples 

Dental Caries Therapeutic Strategies Revisited

Caries management by risk assessment is considered best practice in the prevention and treatment of dental caries disease and represents a medical model approach to treating dental caries. There are several therapeutic strategies that can be utilized to help manage this disease. This lecture will review those strategies, provide an update of the current scientific literature and discuss how those strategies should be targeted to address the patient's individual caries risk factors. Strategies examined will include restorative, remineralization, pH, fluoride, xylitol, probiotics and behavioral management/wellness coaching. Highlighted case histories illustrate the success and failures in managing the high risk dental caries patient.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current dental caries biofilm disease model including recently reported genetic factors
  • Describe different caries management strategies
  • Discuss specific targeted caries strategies as they relate to the patient's individual caries risk factors
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