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WSDA Standing Committees


The Committee on PNDC (L to R): Dr. Alexis Apatoff, Dr. Mandy Alamwala, Dr. Joseph L. Luchini, Ms. Midge Carstensen, Dr. Kevin Suzuki, Dr. Chris Lee.  Not pictured​: Dr. John Lo.

Committee on Budget & Finance

This is a rotated committee elected by the WSDA House of Delegates. The secretary-treasurer of the Association serves as an ex-officio member. The elective members of the committee serve four-year terms until their successors are installed.

Chair: Dr. William M. Petersen (2018)
Dr. Nathan G. Russell, Secretary-Treasurer (2019)
Dr. Ronald J. Marsh (2020) 
Dr. Patty Martin (2019)
Dr. W. Patrick Sharkey (2021)

Committee on the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference

This is a rotating committee of six members ​who serve four-year terms. Each term commences on the last day of the PNDC.

The Committee on the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference (PNDC) recommends appointments to the committee for confirmation by the Board of Directors. Each year, the Committee on PNDC designates the committee chair, who serves for 12 months.

Chair: Dr. Joseph L. Luchini (2018) 
Dr. Mandy Alamwala (2021)
Dr. Alexis Apatoff (2021)
Ms. Midge Carstensen, RDH (2018)
Dr. Chris Lee (2019)
Dr. John Lo (2019)
Dr. Kevin Suzuki (2020)

Committee on Regulatory Affairs

The Committee on Regulatory Affairs focuses on regulatory issues handled by the Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) and other government agencies handling regulatory issues relevant to dentistry. 

Chair: Dr. Bryan Edgar
Dr. Monica Berninghaus
Dr. Rolf Christensen
Dr. Keith Collins
Dr. John Evans 
Dr. Naghmeh J. Izadi
Dr. David Keller 
Dr.  Mark Koday
Dr. Elissa Maynard
Dr. Nick Parque
Dr. Tyler Shoemaker
Dr. Keyvan Sohrabi
Dr. Kurt Truong