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2015 PNDC Speakers - Stay tuned for more to come

Dr. David Aronowitz - Orofacial Pain
Dr. Tobin Bellamy - Oral Surgery
Ms. Shannon Brinker - Dental Assisting
Dr. Michael Brooks - Full Arch Fixed Implant Restoration
Dr. Jeff Brucia - Restorative
Dr. Stephen Buchanan - Endodontics
Dr. William Busacca - Mandibular Blocks 
Dr. Doug Carlsen - Finances

Dr. Theresa Cheng - Veterans and Dental Care
Mr. Art Cole - BLS/First Aid
Dr. Robert Convissar - Lasers
Dr. Brenden Davis - Geriatric Dentistry
Dr. Tim Donley - Periodontics
Dr. John Droter - TMD/TMJ
Dr. David Engen - WDS
Ethics Panel - Ethics
Ms. Joanna Free - Tobacco Cessation
Ms. Theresa Groody - Assistants/EFDA
Dr. Mel Hawkins - Anesthesia/Pharmacology
Mr. Scott Henderson - Dental Photography
Ms. Laura Hunter - Nutrition
Dr. Glen Johnson - Dental Adhesives and Cements
Dr. Martha Keels - Pediatrics
Dr. Kim Kutsch - Caries
Dr. Tieraona Low Dog - Health/Wellness
Ms. Judy Kay Mausolf - Practice Management
Ms. Rachel Mele - Digital Marketing
Dr. Charles Meredith - Chemical Dependency
Dr. Tim Miller - Tobacco Cessation
Ms. Monica Monsantofils - Radiography
Dr. Brian Novy - Cariology
Dr. Uche Odiatu - Health/Fitness
Dr. Ray Padilla - Sports Dentistry
Dr. Fred Peck - Aesthetics
Ms. Janet Press - Lasers in Hygiene
Dr. Tyrone Rodgriguez - Dental Spanish
Dr. Jim Rosenwald - Audits
Ms. Melissa Sanchez - Risk Management
Dr. Rhonda Savage - Practice Management
Dr. Ronni Schnell - Dentures
Dr. Francis Serio - Volunteerism
Dr. Paresh Shah - Aesthetics
Dr. Roy Shelburne - Records Review
Mr. Mike Smith - Practice Management
Dr. Barton Soper - Orthodontics
Ms. Jeri Sorenson - Dentrix
Dr. Jon Suzuki - Periodontics
Dr. Ted Teknos - Oral Cancer
Dr. Bradley Weinstein- Mucogingival Grafting
Ms. Susan Wingrove - Hygienists/Implants
Ms. Cheri Wu - Hygiene/Ultrasonics
Dr. Gregory Yen - Healthcare Marketplace