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Washington State Dental Association

PNDC is proud to bring Dianne Baum back to present her Medicaid Billing Workshop.

The Adult Medicaid Program was reinstated in January of 2014.  This workshop will enhance the practice of all dentists who accept adult Medicaid by walking the participants through the registration process using Provider One, as well as show how to manage the account and how to bill claims to Health Care Authority.
Learning Objectives:
• Gain a Medicaid overview: what is medical assistance, the acronyms used, what eligibility programs are available, foster children claim history, and life cycle of a claim

• Discover how to use Provider One successfully: manage users, direct data entry claims, commercial secondary claims, saving claims, build and use a template, file maintenance, enroll a new rendering provider

• Review the billing processes: check patient eligibility, claim status inquiry, billing timely and the TCN, adjust or void a paid claim, resubmit a denied claim, system authorization, obtain the remittance advice
To register for the conference and sign up for this, and many other workshops, click here.


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