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We’d like to introduce you to the WSDA News app, the easiest way to take your publication with you everywhere. With the News app, current issues will populate in your phone or tablet’s newsstand automatically, and even send you a reminder telling you it has arrived. 

The app is free for WSDA members, and available now for iPhone and Android users. Gorgeous and easy to use, you’re up and running after a simple download (see instructions below). But the app doesn’t just deliver the latest issue to your newsstand and leave it at that — it lets you clip articles* you like and send them to colleagues easily, has live links to contributors (ever wanted to send Dr. Mary Jennings a message after reading her editorial? Now with the push of an icon, you’re ready to go), and even let’s you “like” or “pin” your favorite issues with the push of a button. 

The app will even allow us to integrate video and sound bites into stories, and will give us unparalleled ability to update/follow-up on stories published.

With tablets and cell phones dominating the landscape, offering our members a more user-friendly and beautiful way to view our publication online just makes sense. For those of you who like reading the publication on your desktop or laptop, Maz — the company that produces the app — has promised a web reader in early 2014. Until it is available, we’ll continue to use the current web reader and email the live link directly to your inbox.

Currently, all of 2012-2014 year issues are available, more will follow. Please note, you will still be able to access the WSDA News on your desktop or laptop computer. For the latest issue, click here.

Get the app today — it’s easy, and free!

1. The app is FREE! Go to your app store (Android and iPhone only) and search for WSDA News. Select WSDA News.

2. The first screen that will appear has buttons that say Subscribe Now and Existing Subscriber. As a WSDA Member in good standing, you are automatically an Existing Subscriber. Please note that individual issues will cost $499 for non-members, so it is imperative that you select Existing Subscriber.**

3. Once you have selected Existing Subscriber, you’ll be taken to a log in area that asks for the email address and zipcode associated with your WSDA membership. If you are unsure of the email address and zipcode associated with your WSDA membership, call the WSDA office and we can research it for you. 800-448-3368.

4. Once your validation is accepted, you will be asked to accept push notifications — you’ll want to accept them to be notified when a new issue arrives. You will be able to download magazines immediately. You will need to re-authenticate your validation once a year, in April. 

* We’ve found that the clipping function works best when performed from a tablet. Maz, the creator of the app, is working to resolve resolution issues on articles clipped from smart phones.

** If you accidentally select new subscriber and your account is charged, you can call your app store to have the charge removed. 


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