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The WSDA News was recently awarded the International College of Dentists' (ICD) 2012 Platinum Pencil award for Issue 2 from December of 2012, featuring Dr. Danny Warner. The Platinum Pencil award is presented to the editor whose publication demonstrated outstanding, creative and effective use of graphics, illustrations and design. Last year, the WSDA News took home the organization's Newsletter Award, for the newsletter which demonstrates an overall quality of graphics, design and content, a Platinum Pencil Award, and an honorable mention for graphics.

The award will be presented to Dr. Mary Jennings at the ICD's Annual Meeting in New Orleans this October. 

The Dental Journalism Awards recognize those publications that have exhibited outstanding journalism in content, graphics and improvement during the past year and encourage others to bring their own publication to a higher level. 

The Dental Journalism Awards is one of the ICD's longest ongoing projects, and is in its 40th year of competition. The awards are open to any English language dental publication throughout the world.


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