DQAC Business Meeting – Sept. 10

The Dental Quality Assurance Commission (DQAC) will hold its next business meeting on Friday, Sept. 10 at 8:30 AM.

DQAC Business Meeting

Friday, Sept. 10
8:30 AM

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DQAC will give rule updates including the COVID-19 vaccination delegation rule, the Dentist continuing education rule, the rules on Licensure requirements for EFDAs, and the Dentist retired active status rule. The Commission will also discuss the Governor's vaccination proclamation and receive a copy of the Department of Health proposed 2022 legislation regarding enhancing the capacity of Health Profession Boards and Commissions.

Further, DQAC will discuss letters from the American TeleDentistry Association and a letter regarding orofacial pain specialty related to the WAC 246-817-420 Specialty representation.

Finally, the Commission will hear from Dr. Marsh on the WREB and CDCA meeting, Dr. McClellan on the CRDTS annual meeting, and Dr. Pal on the CODA site visit of Providence St. Peter Hospital general practice residency review.

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