Attention Delta Members: Send Feedback to the Member Advisory Panel (MAP)

Delta member dentists can now learn more about the Member Advisory Panel (MAP) and send questions, comments or concerns through a dedicated webpage.

Last fall, nearly 3,300 Washington dentists made their voice heard in a historic vote to adopt governance amendments to Delta Dental of Washington’s Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. These amendments — fought for by WSDA and dentists around the state — ensure new mechanisms for Delta member dentists to provide direct feedback and suggestions on topics of interest and concern.

Since the adoption of the amendments, Delta has been working to implement changes to their Bylaws. Two of the changes include increasing the size of Delta’s Member Advisory Panel (MAP) and creating a new communication channel to provide Delta members more transparency into MAP activities. 

Last month, Delta welcomed Dr. Ronald Snyder, Dr. Ronald Hsu, Dr. Josh Cochran and Dr. CR Anderegg as new members to the MAP.

In addition, Delta launched a new webpage dedicated to MAP information where Delta members can find:

  • A roster of MAP members and their responsibilities.
  • A calendar of future MAP meetings.
  • Summaries of past meetings.
  • A contact inbox where Delta members can send questions, comments or concerns to the MAP. These emails will be shared with all MAP members and used to identify agenda items for future meetings based on member input.

Delta members can log in here to learn more about the MAP.

Delta Provider Log-In
This new opportunity gives you the ability to have more transparent, meaningful dialogue with Delta about patient care. On behalf of your patients, I encourage you to take the time to send your questions, comments, and concerns to the MAP.



Dr. Dennis Bradshaw

WSDA President