Thank You For Your Membership

WSDA President Dr. Denny Bradshaw shares a thank you message to WSDA members.

To all WSDA member dentists,

Thank you for being a member of WSDA this year — a year that has been more than a challenge.

To our new members, thank you and welcome. We're excited to have you as a part of our community.

To our returning members, thank you for continuing to trust that together we can make a difference.

We know that the power of organized dentistry lies in our numbers, and that is true now more than ever. When we band together, our voice is far more powerful than when we speak as individuals. This year, that collective voice worked harder than ever to get us back to work and keep us there. 

As we look ahead to the fall and winter months, know that WSDA leadership will continue working to keep dentists doing what we do best — providing oral health care to the citizens of Washington.

Please feel free to contact me any time at with questions or feedback on your membership experience. Thank you again for being a member of WSDA.



Dr. Denn​y Bradshaw
WSDA President