Vote Now to Approve Amendments to Delta/WDS Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

Please vote now to approve amendments to the Delta/WDS Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation, even if you plan on attending Delta’s annual meeting.

By now, all Delta member dentists should have received their proxy ballot in the mail to vote on proposed amendments to the WDS Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

If you haven’t received a proxy in the mail, please email You will also receive an email next week with instructions to assign your proxy and vote on the amendments electronically.

We encourage all Delta member dentists to vote now, even if you plan on attending Delta’s annual meeting. Assigning and voting your proxy before the meeting ensures that your vote will be counted in case you are unable to attend the meeting.

What is WSDA’s Voting Recommendation?

WSDA recommends that you vote to approve all amendments.

These amendments are part of the proposed settlement of the lawsuit between WSDA and DeltaThe settlement is contingent on Delta member dentists’ approval of these amendments. 

Assign Your Proxy & Vote Online

This year, you can assign your proxy and vote online. Visit and use your Electronic Voting Number (find this number on your mailed proxy ballot and in future email communications from Delta’s third-party voting service). We suggest you assign your proxy and vote online now.

Instructions to Approve Proposed Amendments

Step 1: Check a box to assign your proxy to one of the three individuals listed below (all support the proposed amendments).

Step 2: Check the box FOR the election of Dr. Eve M. Rutherford, DDS.

Step 3: Check the box FOR APPROVAL of the proposed amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.

Step 4: Check the box FOR APPROVAL of the proposed amendments to the Bylaws.

Please direct questions regarding WSDA’s recommendations to WSDA Executive Director Bracken Killpack at