Raise the Bar: A Message from D-MMEX Easyrefine

A special offer on precious metal refining for WSDA members from WSDA-endorsed D-MMEX Easyrefine.

Get cash fast: Refine precious metals while market prices remain high

The easy way to increase cash flow
Most dentists are seeking ways increase cash flow as they resume business after the COVID-19 disruption. The easiest way to get a quick cash injection is to submit your precious dental scrap and other precious metal to DMMEX Easyrefine. Prices on the London metals markets are at all-time highs right now. So gather up those failed bridges, crowns and other dental scrap and ship it to Easyrefine right away. Unwanted jewelry also can be submitted for refining. Be sure to remove any stones prior to shipping.

Endorsed by the WSDA, and 13 other state dental associations 
Easyrefine is known for its reputation of treating dentists fairly, quickly processing refining shipments and for compensating at a high percentage of value. Additionally, Easyrefine provides a scientific report on the precious metal contents of each shipment, along with a cashier’s check, in about 10 days.

High-value compensation and 5% bonus
You will receive 97% of gold value, 90% of silver, platinum and 85% of palladium. Trade bullion terms on London-based market. As a WSDA member, you will receive a 5% bonus on the total value of your refining submission.

Redeem coupon--get ADDED 2% premium
As an added bonus, enclose this coupon with your refining shipment to receive an additional 2% premium on the total value of your metal submission (jewelry is excluded from this 2% uplift)! Shipment must be received by DMMEX Easyrefine by July 31, 2020.

See returns improve by as much as 30 percent over your existing precious refining arrangements.
D-MMEX Easyrefine has demonstrated its commitment to assisting our members, maximizing precious scrap metal returns in a detailed, ethical and professional manner.

Getting started is easy
Request your free, insured shipping kit with sealing container by clicking the link below or calling 800-741-3174.

*Check current market prices.