Do You Want Delta to Decide?

We cannot stand by and allow Delta to continue to ignore its member dentists.
This week, WDS emailed proxy ballots to all member dentists to elect four members to the WDS Board. This “election” does not provide you, as a member dentist, with any options other than you can vote for the slate handpicked by WDS leadership or not vote at all.

Delta must come to understand that nominating and selecting dentist directors in any way without a real vote of the members is not consistent with the process adopted by the members in last year’s special meeting. This matter is a central focus of the lawsuit that we filed. This litigation is active and working its way through King County Superior Court.

We cannot stand by and allow Delta to continue to ignore its member dentists. Delta should not be allowed to unlawfully handpick its member dentist directors during active litigation directly related to this matter. We are consulting with our attorneys on this matter and will provide an update when possible.

Delta’s new leadership has made statements about wanting to take Delta’s relationship with member dentists in a new direction. However, actions speak louder than words. Continuing to handpick member dentist directors in direct contradiction to the will of the members is an action that speaks much louder than any words.

Now is the time for Delta to implement real change and create a new partnership with member dentists through clear action that is different from the past. Stop the voting charade and let us select our representatives on the Board of Directors as the members have demanded.


Dr. Dennis Bradshaw
Dr. Todd Irwin
Dr. Nathan Russell