2019 House of Delegates Election & Resolution Results

Elected position and resolution results from the 2019 WSDA House of Delegates.

Thank you to all the delegates, alternates and guests who attended the House of Delegates in Spokane last weekend. Read on for a summary of results.

Elected Positions

Congratulations to the following members for being elected during the House of Delegates:

  • President-Elect: Dr. Ashley Ulmer
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Nathan Russell
  • WSDA Board of Directors: Dr. Kristine Aadland, Dr. Amy Cook, Dr. Todd Irwin, Dr. William Sharkey
  • ADA Delegate: Dr. Todd Irwin, Dr. Mark Koday, Dr. Gregory Ogata

Please Note: With the passage of HD-09-2019, WSDA did not hold an election for the Committee on Budget and Finance​.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

2019 2020 WSDA Board of Directors

2019-2020 WSDA Board of Directors, L to R
Dr. Christine Kirchner, Dr. Blake McKinley, Dr. Mark Koday, Mr. Bracken Killpack (executive director), Dr. Kim Nordberg, Dr. Todd Irwin, Dr. Nathan Russell (secretary-treasurer), Dr. Kristine Aadland, Dr. Ashley Ulmer (president-elect), Dr. Amy Cook, Dr. Christopher Delecki (immediate past president), Dr. Marissa Bender, Dr. John Gibbons, Dr. Chris Dorow, Dr. Joseph de Jesus, Dr. William Sharkey, and Dr. Denny Bradshaw (president).

Thank you to outgoing board members Dr. Eric Kvinsland and Dr. Cynthia Pauley for their service to the WSDA as members of the board of directors. 

Resolution Results

  • HD-03-2019, WSDA 2019/2020 Budget – Adopted
  • HD-04-2019, WSDA Dues for 2020 (Bylaw Amendment) – Adopted
  • HD-06-2019, Location of the 2022 House of Delegates – Adopted
  • HD-07-2019, WSDA Legislative Agenda for 2020 – Adopted as Amended
  • HD-08-2019, Staff Recognition – Adopted
  • HD-09-2019, Aligning the Association’s Budgetary Authority and Process with Best Practice (Bylaw Amendment) – Adopted
  • HD-10-2019, Expanding the Committee on Pacific Northwest Dental Conference’s Scope to Increase the Association’s Continuing Education Offerings (Bylaw Amendment) – Adopted
  • HD-11-2019, Task Force on Leadership Opportunities & Development – Adopted
  • HD-12-2019, Concerning Drug Take Back Programs – Adopted as Amended
  • HD-13-2019, Medical-Dental Patient Advocacy – Adopted as Amended
  • HD-14-2019, WSDA Component Society Support Program – Adopted as Amended
  • HD-15-2019, WSDA Drug Prescribing Task Force – Adopted as Amended
Full text of each resolution as passed/amended will be available at shortly.