Meet PNDC 2019 Gold Sponsor: Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a Gold Sponsor of the 2019 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, held June 20-22 in Bellevue, WA. Visit them at Booth 111.

Has your dental practice gone paperless yet, or are you trying to do so? Reducing paper use in your office does a lot more than help the planet and save trees. When it comes to patient registration, going paperless offers many benefits for your practice’s efficiency and profitability—not to mention patient satisfaction.

How can paperless patient registration do all of these things? Here’s a closer look.

No one likes waiting…and waiting…in a dentist’s waiting room. Waiting a long time to be seen for a scheduled dental appointment has been shown to negatively affect patients' satisfaction. 

Worse, data from the ADA shows that new patients tend to wait longer than existing patients in the waiting room. New patients are precious, with a lifetime value that’s been estimated as high as $36,000. But you only have one chance to make a first impression on them. Do you want the memory of their first visit to be sitting in your waiting room completing piles of paperwork?

Lighthouse 360 makes patient registration a breeze

Lighthouse 360’s Patient FastTrack feature enables paperless patient registration by letting patients register directly on their smartphones. When your staff schedules a new patient for an appointment, you can immediately send them a friendly reminder to complete the registration process on their phones.

Lighthouse PFT image

Lighthouse PFT image

 With mobile registration, there’s no need for patients to wait until they get to the office to complete the forms. They don’t have to download a form from your website and print it at home, either. Instead, patients can complete the process quickly, with a few taps on their phone screen, while the request to register is fresh in their minds. Patient FastTrack is HIPAA compliant, and is customizable to your practice. 

Click here to learn more about Patient FastTrack!

Lighthouse PFT image

Lighthouse is a Gold Sponsor of the 2019 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, held June 20-22 in Bellevue, WA. Visit them at Booth 111.