Reminder: Free Infection Prevention Assessment

Spokane Regional Health District, Clark County Public Health and Washington State Department of Health are partnering to assess infection prevention in dental clinics throughout the state.

In 2015, the Washington State Department of Health received federal funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct enhanced Infection Control Assessment Response (ICAR) assessments. Dental clinics ​throughout the state can participate in this pilot program aimed at lowering Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI).

ICAR uses a consultative and collaborative approach to better understand the current landscape of infection prevention capacity in healthcare. The knowledge gained is intended to help the creation of infection prevention improvement resources for healthcare facilities.

Public health experts will meet with interested dental clinics and conduct an infection prevention assessment using CDC guidelines. Visits are voluntary, consultative and provided at no cost. Dental clinics across the state can participate in this program.

ICAR visits typically take half a day to complete. Topics covered during the visit will range from hand hygiene to antimicrobial stewardship. Visits may include observations of staff performing hand hygiene or sterilization practices. Following a visit, ICAR consultants will provide the facility with a report of the findings and provide improvement tools.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this useful program, please contact the following offices to schedule an appointment:

Eastern Washington
Dorothy MacEachern MS, MPH, CIC at (509) 324-1569 or

Southwest Washington
Dana C. Nguyen BSN, RN, CIC at 564-397-2000 ext 7272 or

Puget Sound Region
Patty Montgomery MPH, RN, CIC at

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