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Grow Your Practice With These PNDC 2018 Courses

Craft a PNDC experience that helps sharpen your clinical skills and grows your practice! We asked dentists on the PNDC Committee to share some of their can’t-miss courses for practice management, insurance know-how, staff development and more.
Seven Proven Steps to Negotiating Increased Fees/Allowables with Insurance Carriers
Benjamin Tuinei
Friday, June 22
This session will teach dentists and front office team members how to successfully navigate the fee-negotiating process with dental insurance carriers. Understand the “why” behind the financial aspect of quality care, learn effective negotiating strategies, and learn the seven steps to successful negotiations with PPOs!
Policing Illegal and Unethical Practices by Insurance Companies
Benjamin Tuinei
Friday, June 22
Too often, insurance carriers deny benefits to patients when those benefits are necessary to optimize the patient’s oral health. In many situations, doctors are forced to fully write off treatment primarily because the insurance consultant disagrees with the doctor’s diagnosis. This lecture will provide useful tips on how to challenge an insurance carrier when it denies coverage on treatment that is both necessary and requested by the patient. 
Building Your Online Brand Through Social Media and Websites
Almie Borromeo
Thursday, June 21
Get an in-depth look at websites and trends that will set your brand apart from your competition and discuss how to properly use social media to establish and strengthen your practice’s online brand.
Growing Your Practice Through Endodontics
Dr. John West
Thursday, June 21

The fastest way to grow a practice is learning endodontic skills in diagnosis, treatment planning, and endodontic treatment itself. Open your eyes to $100,000 of underdiagnosed endodontics! Learn the six critical distinctions of endodontic disease and how to handle each one. 
The Top 5 Successful Traits of Dental Front Desk Team Members
Dr. Rhonda Savage
Thursday, June 21

Patients can’t put their finger on it, but they know and appreciate a smooth-running front desk. Professionalism, great customer service and awesome communication skills are key to your patient’s experience. This lively, informative and timely course can both improve your patients’ feelings about your office and improve your bottom line.
Stay Out of Jail: Avoid Coding Errors and Excel in Insurance Administration - Part 1 & 2 
Dr. Charles Blair
Thursday, June 21

Coding errors are predictable in today’s dental practice. Learn the top coding errors and how not to make them! You will also receive new, valuable information on some of the “hot” sections of the CDT code, which you can use to identify and fix coding problems that lurk in your practice. Most practices can expect legitimate net increases in cash flow immediately by learning how to do it right!
Financial Strategies for Newer Dentists
Sam Martin
Friday, June 22

Designed for newer dentists in the pre-ownership stage of their career, this lecture will cover financial management and debt prior to practice ownership, help you understand dental practice cash flow, value, and your income, and provide you with proactive steps to a successful practice and career.
Increasing Case Acceptance from Whitening to the Esthetic Dental Procedures
Shannon Pace Brinker
Thursday, June 21

As clinical procedures in aesthetic dentistry continue to expand and improve, the dental assistant’s role continues to evolve as well. As we connect with patients and understand their desires, it allows them to become more open and honest with their expectations. Increasing case acceptance is easy when we know what to ask and say. This course takes the dental team through proper records gathering, treatment planning, and case acceptance, and how to include whitening and esthetic dental treatment.
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