Opioid Prescribing Resources

WSDA has compiled a list of information and resources regarding the prescription of opioids and the prevention of opioid abuse.

New opioid prescribing rules for dentists in Washington became effective January 26, 2019. 

Read a summary on the WSDA Blog.

Opioid CE Opportunities

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Meet CE Requirements at PNDC 2019: Opioid Prescribing, Suicide Prevention & More

Meet Washington state's opioid prescribing, suicide prevention, minimal sedation or basic life support (BLS) CE requirements at PNDC 2019, held June 20-22 in Bellevue.

The 2019 Pacific Northwest Dental Conference, held June 20-22 in Bellevue, offers you the chance to meet several Washington state CE requirements for dentists.

Register for a conference badge to attend any lecture—including the opioid prescribing, suicide prevention, and minimal sedation courses—and for the opportunity to purchase the hands-on BLS workshop.

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Opioid Prescribing

Washington dentists who prescribe opioids must complete a one-time CE requirement regarding best practices in the prescribing of opioids and DQAC's opioid prescribing rules. The CE must be at least three hours long.

PNDC 2019 Course
Opioid Prescribing Rules: How and Why to Comply
Friday, June 21 from 1-4 PM

Suicide Prevention

Beginning August 1, 2020, licensed Washington dentists must complete a one-time training for suicide assessment that includes screening, referral, and imminent harm via lethal means elements. The training must be at least three hours long.

PNDC 2019 Course
Suicide Awareness and Referral for Dental Professionals
Saturday, June 22 from 1-4 PM

Minimal Sedation

Licensed Washington dentists who currently administer minimal sedation must participate in seven hours of CE every five years.

PNDC 2019 Courses
Money Makes the World Go Round, But Drugs Can Make it Spin! Understanding Drug Interactions in Dental Practice
Saturday, June 22 from 8:30 AM-12:00 PM

Oh the Pus! Oh the Pain! Appropriate Antibiotic and Analgesic Prescribing
Saturday, June 22 from 1-4:30 PM

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Dental staff providing direct patient care in an in-office or outpatient setting must hold a current and valid healthcare provider basic life support (BLS) certification. Certification is good for two years.

PNDC 2019 Courses
BLS for Healthcare Providers: A Hands-On Workshop
Thursday, June 20 from 2-5 PM
Friday, June 21 from 7:30-10:30 AM or 1-4 PM

Opioid Resources

Using the Prescription Monitoring Program

If you are new to using the PMP or want to refresh your knowledge of the system, the Department of Health (DOH) provides several resources to make the process easier.

Training Guide
The DOH provides a detailed training guide document for practitioners learning how to use the PMP.

Read the Guide
Training Videos
If you prefer your training in video format, the DOH YouTube channel provides short, step-by-step instructional videos on PMP topics, such as:

The channel also provides a complete tutorial video on how to use the system.

See All Videos
Provider FAQs
Visit the DOH website for a list of PMP frequently asked questions.

See Provider FAQs